shoe worship

  1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Boot Brain

    BOOT BRAIN My leather boots make you weak and at My mercy. I could tell you to take your own ear off and eat it, and you would do it under the spell of these boots. Boot licker. Sole sucker. All for Me. All for Goddess. Listen to the leather scrunch and squeak. Start jerking. I see what...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Welcome to Slavery

    WELCOME TO SLAVERY you will be My new slave. What does that entail? I will tell you. From your entrance to your existence, from bottom to top. I will make you understand the definition of "servitude." I will go over your expected tasks and possible rewards for service. My kudos will come...
  3. Marc70

    SNIFF my FEET and sweaty FLATS

    Miss Elsi Spring want you to worship her sweaty flats :D and (Premium Members)
  4. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Bye Bye Boots

    BYE BYE BOOTS These boots have finished their Reign as Rulers of the Thigh High Pink, and it is time to retire them. To send them off with a bang, I'm going to give them one last victim to stomp, crush, destroy, and cock-trample. Worship their beauty and their terror. Thank them for...
  5. MadameMarissa

    Slave forced to lick my high heels - and the toilet!

    I'm going out tonight and my high heels need to be cleaned perfectly. While I finish my make up in front of the mirror the slave has to sit next to the toilet and clean my high heels with his tongue. But he isn't doing it good enough! I grab the shoe from his hands and put the shoe sole into the...
  6. MadameMarissa

    Fed from 4 DIRTY SNEAKERS soles

    And once again Madison joins me to humiliate the slave. We enjoy some cake while the loser crawls at our feet - and every now and then we spit some cake on the floor for him and crush it under our dirty sneaker soles - so he can lick it off our shoes! We just love how disgusted he is by...
  7. Q

    Proper Shoe Cleaning

    I'm going out so I need you to clean my shoes, I can't go out looking like this. I made him lick my shoes clean then I had him take them off and smell my feet. My feet stink because he didn't lick the inside clean last time I wore them, so I made him lick my feet and the inside of my shoes. He...
  8. Zonda

    Bastard Worships Arrogant Soles Of Angela HD

    Bastard Worships Arrogant Soles Of Angela HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Goddess Angela loves to humiliate her stupid slave. She has a perfect nickname for her slave. She loves to call him insect. Latina Goddess Angela wants her wedge sandals clean. She has been crushing insects that...
  9. highboots

    Leggy Girl Needs Pleasure

    Rebecca takes a seat, lights a cigarette and put he legs in glittering pumps on the table. After smoking she looks for something in a cabinet and then makes the bed with sexy motions especially with her long legs. Part 2 Rebecca goes to the kitchen and steps up on the table, where shift aside...
  10. H

    Cassie Wins

    Flawless Victory
  11. E

    Gag on My Shoes & Toes

    My lucky slave not only gets to worship my perfect feet and red toes. Today they are just barely covered by gorgeous strappy, open-toed high heels. He sucks my stilettos just as I say. He gags on my bare toes and platforms at my will. I force my shoes and feet deep down his throat. When i feel...
  12. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Shoe & Foot Worship

    I am ready to go out on my date, but there are few things to be done, shiny shoes, clean sexy feet and of course my slave deep throating my beautiful toes to suck them clean. *Selena*
  13. B

    Worship Me - Trans Domination

    Transsexual Dominatrix Mistress Gia is pleased the way her high heeled shoes are being worshipped. While being verbally humiliated the slave moves to worshipping Gia's tits when Mistress Nicolette arrives to check if he is being a good little slave boy.
  14. E

    Eden Worships Elena: Pt. 1

    Eden Alexander, in a Lust designs latex spanking dress waits eagerly on her knees for the honor of being allowed to worship my strappy, platform high heels. She loves shoes as much as I do. She loves to suck my stiletto heels like it's my cock. Eden licks, sucks, and worships my shoes at my...
  15. E

    Boss's Shoe Licker

    If my employee wants to keep his job he's going to be taking on a very important assignment. keeping my patent leather oxford high heels sparkling. I have called him in to the office on a Saturday to make him earn his paycheck. While he licks every inch of my shoes I make him suck the heel and...
  16. E

    Lick or You're Fired!

    It's employee review time again and I see no reason to keep you on my staff. I can't review you on the same criteria as the real men. I am just going to have to find a new place for you, otherwise you'll be out on the street. You'll be working right here under my desk from now on shining all...
  17. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Shoe Worship

    My slave is cleaning my furniture and I decide that it is time to clean my sexy heels. The brush he is using is too strong so I make him suck the heels and deep throat the tips of the pumps. He gets really into it and I make him tell me what it reminds him of. Sucking a shiny cock. *Selena*...
  18. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Shoe Worship & Spitting

    My shoe shine boy does the absolute worse, he leaves spit streaks while cleaning my pumps. Then he tries to use his bald head to shine them. This makes me furious so I spit in his face and laugh while watching it run down his head. *Selena* See full video on my site...
  19. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Site Update Spitting

    My shoe shine boy does the absolute worse, he leaves spit streaks while cleaning my pumps. Then he tries to use his bald head to shine them. This makes me furious so I spit in his face and laugh while watching it run down his head. *Selena* See full video on my site...
  20. M

    Virtual Footslave Training - Live Interactive Lab Tonight 8pm EST

    I really enjoy converting foot fetishists in to properly trained footslaves. Do you think you have what it takes? I will be conducting a Live Interactive Lab tonight at 8pm EST. Your attendance is required. Pay-Per-View available at Membership at...