shrinking fetish

  1. MissMinaBBW

    Tiny People Punished By Giant Professor BBW Giantess FemDom Farting Masturbation

    Download Tiny People Punished By Giant Professor 1920x1080 HD video at my clip stores: Clips4Sale Many Vids My NEW pay site is now LIVE! Weekly FREE live cam shows, cam show archives, blog, videos & much more when you join! Now booking fetish/face sitting sessions in my...
  2. AATBxxx

    Ivy's Kiss: Shrunk & Swallowed Ft Ivy Secret

    Today's release on VOREVIXENS.COM This clip includes: cosplay, villian/superhero, POV establishing shots, shrinking (audio SFX included), POV giantess, vorarephilia triggering dialogue, threatening chomps, mouth and tongue teases, POV swallowing, belly rubs, post digestion talk & dialogue. Oh...
  3. AATBxxx

    Shrunk & Crunched In The Candy Factory!

    Our first release of the Halloween season on http://www.VOREVIXENS.COM! This is our first halloween since releasing our studio Vore Vixens, and we have been planning for months now all that we plan on bringing to life plot and character wise in celebration with you. It's going to be a wild...
  4. AATBxxx

    Swallowed By Supervisor Ft Jasper Reed

    This is Jasper Reed's Vore Vixens Debut! "Swallowed By Supervisor", available on VOREVIXENS.COM. Clip contains: multiple audio sfx, shrinking, POV giantess, third person giantess, endoscope footage, stomps, threatening foot crush, mouth & tongue play, multiple uvula exposure shots...
  5. gsfcreator

    The frozen Goddess - SFX Epic

    The frozen goddess - SFX epic a known Fetish photographer (yours truly) is inviting a model into his house for an"innocent" photo-shoot. little does she know, but he holds a magical artifact: a watch that enables him to freeze time for others, and manipulate size. Leasha's feet are so alluring...
  6. AATBxxx

    Garden Snack For Miss Roper & Anatasia Rose

    NEW today on http://www.MISSROPER.COM... "Garden Snack For Miss Roper & Anatasia Rose" This clip features: POV, giantess vore, swallowing, gulping, belly rubs, digestion talk/sound sfx, spit/saliva, & implied anal vore. You've found your way into a garden after a long journey on foot escaping...
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Subliminal Shrinking

    SUBLIMINAL SHRINKING Short and sweet. Just like you'll be. Not quite a proper mind-control, this experience will leave you with a whole new perspective on life. First, I will relax you into a gray area - wiping off the dust of consciousness just enough to melt your mind a little bit...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Subliminal Shrinking

    SUBLIMINAL SHRINKING Short and sweet. Just like you'll be. Not quite a proper mind-control, this experience will leave you with a whole new perspective on life. First, I will relax you into a gray area - wiping off the dust of consciousness just enough to melt your mind a little bit...
  9. AATBxxx

    Miss Roper's Vore Slave

    This is a custom video order, with no specific name used. To commission your own, email raquel roper xxx @ gmail . com *remove all the spaces. Customer's Concept/Script: "Hi -I absolutely love your vore videos and wanted to request a 10 minute custom video. Here is the scenario: I came over...
  10. AATBxxx

    Scarlet Hart Shrinks You Into Something Useful

    "Scarlet Hart Shrinks You Into Something Useful" was just released on - featuring: Scarlet Hart, Shrinking, Giantess, Ass Fetish, Ass Smelling, Toilet Slavery, Toilet Fetish. Did you think Scarlet wasn't going to catch you sniffing her panties red handed? Now you're...
  11. vrpornperv

    VRPornPerv VR360 Giantess Updates

    VR360 - Giantess Codi Vore Eats Her Shrunken Boyfriend ***This is a VR360 video that can be viewed in a Virtual Reality player on your computer such as Google Crome or GoPro VR Player or in a Virtual Reality headset*** Giantess Codi Vore comes home to find you, her boyfriend, shrunken on...
  12. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Tiny Tummy Treats

    TINY TUMMY TREATS CUSTOM: “I'd like a giantess/vore clip where you use tiny figurines like in the human beans clip. If I could also request an outfit, could you have a similar style as you had in the "Are you in chastity?" clip you released recently, with the belly piercing! Thanks. I'd...
  13. AstroDomina

    The Shrinking Tour Guide featuring Goddess Alexandra Snow

    So when you're in Amsterdam with Goddess Snow, you just gotta shoot a Giantess/ShrinkingFetish/LesbianKissing/TeaseAndDenial video with her. I should thank my lucky stars for getting the opportunity to shoot with the infamous Goddess Snow. Enjoy this exotic Shrinking Fetish video! THE...
  14. MissMinaBBW

    Giantess Sorceress Farting Giantess Uploaded To

    For previews & to download "Giantess Sorceress" visit, bookmark & shop for exclusive big butt bbw fetish domination & masturbation videos updated daily! Order your very own custom prepaid video made to your specifications by emailing me at:
  15. S

    Hide Before It's Too Late, Tiny Man!

    Hide Before It's Too Late, Tiny Man! Sydney's boyfriend is so cute now that he's tiny. At only 1" tall, Sydney has fallen even more in love with him now that he's so small compared to her giant proportions, and she tells him as much as TerraMizu spies on her. Curious who Sydney is talking to...
  16. AstroDomina

    New Shrinking/Vore video

    Hi guys, Just posted a new shrinking/vore video on my clips store. Not as heavy on the special effects and it's not Giantess per se, but some of you might still like it if you're into shrinking, tiny men and vore. And sexy Goddesses. :) Check it out here. Sydney
  17. AstroDomina

    Hot Asian Giantess AstroDomina

    Hi guys! New to this forum but I've been creating Giantess videos for a long time. If you've been following the Giantess and Giantess Special FX stores, you know I recently had a top selling clip along with Giantess Katelyn. If you haven't seen it, I actually shrink down Katelyn by giving her...
  18. P

    Please Shrink Me

    Please Shrink Me How long have you been begging and pleading with me to do this? You sent me dozens of emails and when I didn't respond to those you wrote me letters and when I still ignored you tracked down my phone number and filled my voicemail box with your desperate pleas. So you...
  19. P

    Anyone up for some Micro Man Bum-hole play?

    Micro Men Make Me Come Everyone knows that the asshole one of the major erogenous zones on the human body. Some girls love anal sex, and others like buttplugs or having it tongued. As for me. as for me, being a giantess there is really only one way to thoroughly enjoy having my ass-play, and...
  20. P

    Between My Teeth

    Between My Teeth You are between my teeth...should I bite down? Maybe, not before I savor and completely lose myself in the ecstasy of feeling you move around in my mouth. Do you realize that I can taste you. As you cling to to my teeth and my giant wet tongue brushes against your naked body...