1. AATBxxx

    Swallowed By Supervisor Ft Jasper Reed

    This is Jasper Reed's Vore Vixens Debut! "Swallowed By Supervisor", available on VOREVIXENS.COM. Clip contains: multiple audio sfx, shrinking, POV giantess, third person giantess, endoscope footage, stomps, threatening foot crush, mouth & tongue play, multiple uvula exposure shots...
  2. AATBxxx

    After Gym Snack Ft. Raquel Roper & Kim Chi

    "After Gym Snack" ft. Kim Chi is available on http://www.MISSROPER.COM. This clip features: POV & 3rd Person Shots, Giantess Vore, Shrinking, Digestion Talk & Sound Effects, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth Shots, Swallowing. After a long, sweaty work out, I decide to invite my gym partner Kim Chi over to...
  3. AATBxxx

    Vore Reality

    Available TODAY on MISSROPER.COM. (This is a custom video fantasy brought to life, no specific name used. To order your own email: raquel roper xxx @ *remove spaces*.) This clip features: POV, Giantess Vore, Shrinking, Burping, Eating, Chewing, Digestion Talk, Saliva, Uvula/Mouth...
  4. AATBxxx

    Miss Roper Is A Vore Goddess

    NEW today on MISSROPER.COM "Miss Roper Is A Vore Goddess" This clip features: giantess vore, swallowing, gulping, belly rubs, digestion talk/sound sfx, spit/saliva, & anal vore. My hunger is insatiable, along with my desire to seek out and conquer little servants. I've just returned from...
  5. AATBxxx

    Miss Roper's Vore Slave

    This is a custom video order, with no specific name used. To commission your own, email raquel roper xxx @ gmail . com *remove all the spaces. Customer's Concept/Script: "Hi -I absolutely love your vore videos and wanted to request a 10 minute custom video. Here is the scenario: I came over...
  6. AstroDomina

    Digestion Slave - New Vore/Shrinking video!

    Looks like I haven't posted here in a while. Hopefully you've been staying up to date on my latest Giantess videos through other avenues. :) Today I released a brand new Vore/Shrinking video called "Digestion Slave". Here's the description: Sydney has selected you out of tons of applicants to...
  7. T

    ZZZ Comics New Comic Releases

    Now available at ZZZ Comics: The long awaited Growing Circle sequel is finally here! Once 3D, now fully illustrated! All the sexy Growing Circle witches are back! In the aftermath of losing their powers the witches stumble upon a new magical item that leads...
  8. T

    Pixie No More GTS, SW, BE, PE

    Now available at ZZZ Comics here: Pixie No More Set in a medieval tavern, two crazy yet sexy size magic pixies, a knight out of time and place, and a very naughty barmaid are in for one big and sex heavy size changing adventure! Sir Grindalot finds...
  9. T

    Night Haven Size Swap SM,SW, GTS, BE and More!

    Now available here: What makes Ophelia such a desireable and unique Succubus? Not only can she take on the physical shape and appearance of the woman someone desires most by touching them, she can also drain their size during sex or give away her size! This...
  10. UnderGiantessFeet

    Fate of my brother

    Sorry no family related themed clips allowed UN1
  11. UnderGiantessFeet

    I Never loved you Anyway

    Sarah invited to home her ex-boyfriend, with whom they are not developed relationships. But she asked him not to make peace with him; she came up with something better! She decided to shrink her boyfriend and good fun with him. Sara is not tall girl, but her shrunken ex-boyfriend doesn’t think...
  12. UnderGiantessFeet

    I don't need you anymore SFX

    I don't need you anymore SFX Valerie walked all day on the street and her boots is very dirty now. She makes her slave to lick all dirt from soles of her boots. After he has licked her boots slave smells her sweaty socks and licks bare feet. Valerie makes her slave to lick between everyone...
  13. Y

    "Little Loser in a Stinky Journey" with a sampler!

    You never know what will happen to your house when you leave your boyfriend home alone...Yuliya comes back from her 2 week trip to find the place all messy and stinky, with mountains of decomposing garbage. Mike, Yuliya's boyfriend, is playing video games, totally oblivious to the stench of the...
  14. UnderGiantessFeet

    My Girlfriend is a Goddess Alina is one of those rare girls who like foot fetish. She has sensitive feet and she loves when they kissed and lick. But this amazing girl has got quite ordinary guy. He refuses to lick her feet when she is tenderly asking him about this. What a fool...
  15. I

    Ilayhu's Poser Art

    Greetings my friend, this is my first time here, some of you know me, but for those who don't, my name is ilayhu, I am from Peru (south america) and I'm a poser artist who likes to create poser stories about small men (and women) at mercy of beautiful giantess women. Here I will be posting the...
  16. G

    giantess comic Gulliver 1

    Gulliver volume 1. The giantess manga is 14 pages long. All pages are in color. The story follows the the Gulliver's Travel. What happened if gulliver was a girl instead? A girl (Haruhi), dressed in bikini, got into an island and she found out that everything in this island was super...
  17. G

    giantess comic/art

    Here is my giantess art and comic. :eyebrows: Story is about a girl (Nami) who became giantess and destroyed Marine force along with the town. For more pictures , please visit
  18. Y

    A day in my panties

    You have sneaked into my apartment to peek on me getting ready to go to out. You were so preoccupied staring under my plaid skirt that you forgot about your precautions. I've caught you, voyeur! I will corner you and make you a tiny 3 inch midget. Shrink! Get smaller! I like you much more when...
  19. PSarah

    Amazon Rainforest: FREE Preview

    In My store tonight: "Amazon Rainforest" I'll shove you in My panties, little man, dance around with you, and then give you a MASSIVE SHOWER! GIANTESS, AMAZON, GTS, SHRINKING, GS FETISHES Click for FREE PREVIEWS: