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    New Facesitter !!!

    Mistress Unique finds out that she is a natural facesitter. Special thanks to H Town Throne for finding her.
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    Praying, Sitting, Champion !!!!!!

    Mistress Rose does it all !!!!
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    She's loving it !!!!

    Mistress Precious loves to facesit !!!!!!
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    Poor Willy Sat On Again !!!!

    I haven't seen Poor Willys face for awhile. The sistas are always sitting on it. Mistress Friday puts him in his place beneath her ass !!!!
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    Goddess Summer = Winner You = Loser

    Goddess Summer shows off with facesitting Victory Poses !!!!
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    Bbw power !!!!

    Madam Bitch sits wherever she wants. Right now she is sitting on his HEAD !!! Is he lucky or unfortunate ?????