1. SAS_Jack

    Sitandsmother Facesitting & Femdom

    Hi Guys! Regulations have changed in the UK since we were shooting last. We are due to resume shooting this summer, but in the meantime we are gonna use this thread for some opdates of our content that people may not have seen since we were here last. Let us know if you want to see stuff in...
  2. SAS_Jack

    Sitandsmother C4S Facesitting thread

    Hi all, Starting a Clips4sale thread of our stuff. Enjoy! First Off Broken by Shay Part 1 Shay is a man hating mistress who decides to really test Ray's facesitting abilities. She looks beautiful as she opens her ass cheeks and comes down hard on his face. Sexy, angry action from the...
  3. SAS_Jack

    Facesitting Tease (Shay) -

    Hi guys, Heres a recent nude facesitting video that we upload to our clips4sale store. It's stars Shay Hendrix who teases you whilst she sits on her slaves face. Lots of lovely ass spreading and smothering! Enjoy Cheers Guys Jack
  4. SAS_Jack

    Gaming Girl Nude Facesitting w Shay

    Hi Gang, Got a new video clip with Shay up at our clips4sale. Here's part one: No talking, just action in this nude facesitting clip starring Miss Shay. She plays her favourite game whilst sitting on her slaves face in fullweight positions. No remorse for Shay as she makes this pathetic...
  5. SAS_Jack

    Facesitting Punishment w/ Emma Butt

    Hi guys, Got some new Facesitting and Ass Sniffing pics from a recent update on the Sitandsmother Clips4sale Store. Cheating Husband equals Facesitting and Ass Domination right? Whatever happened, Emma's asshole pretty much swallows his face. Enjoy Cheers Guys Jack
  6. SAS_Jack

    Whatever Miss Butt wants

    Hey all, Just sharing some pics from a recent update on the Sitandsmother Clips4sale Page. It's got Busty Emma Butt dominating a younger slave. She facesits him, makes him worship her ass, tit smothers him and grabs and busts his cock. Enjoy!
  7. SAS_Jack

    Sitandsmother back on Clips4sale

    Hi guys, Just a quick update to say that Sitandsmother is back on Clips4sale. New owners are working through some things, but it looks like it will remain exclusive to C4S for foreseeable future. So at least you can get your fix! Thanks!
  8. SAS_Jack

    Jacuzzi Ass Worship/Facesitting -

    Hi Guys, Got a few video grabs from a recent update in the members section starring our Amazon Mistress Emma. She makes her young slave worship and lick her ass whilst engulfing his face with her delicious booty and amazing tits. Lots of awesome face in ass action in a great...
  9. SAS_Jack

    Garden Face Fuck - Emma (

    Hey guys, I bring some video grabs of the latest update in the members section. It stars our voluptous Amazon Emma in a skimpy thong with an oiled up ass! She grinds and fucks his face with her massive ass and lovely pussy. Lots of grinding and smothering of her pathetic young...
  10. SAS_Jack

    Loser Get's Facesat - Shay Hendrix (

    Hi guys, Just a few video grabs from a recent update in the members section. It stars our welsh Mistress Shay facesitting a hapless electrician to get what she wants. She puts him to the test and looks mighty fine doing it :) Enjoy Cheers Guys! Jack
  11. SAS_Jack

    Shoot with Emma Butt 6th August

    Hi Guys, I have a shoot lined up with Emma Butt next week and wondered what sort of content you peeps would like to see. We are going to be shooting a ton of Facesitting/Femdom with her and a young slave. Any Suggestions/Ideas?
  12. SAS_Jack

    Harsh Heavy Facesitting Vol:2 - The Sequel

    Hi Guys, Due to the popularity of "Harsh Heavy Facesitting" (which reached top 3 on clips4sale facesitting category), we have decided to release the sequel ahead of time exclusively on Clips4sale. Shay has an even weaker and more pathetic slave for this scene. He struggles to put up with her...
  13. SAS_Jack

    Latest Mellie Facesitting Pics -

    Hi Guys, Got a few pics from the most recent Mellie D update in our members section. It stars Facesitting BBW legend Mellie in "Food vs Face vs Bum". Mellie uses a multitude of creamy substances whilst she smothers Ray with her ass and tits! Enjoy. Kind Regards Jack
  14. SAS_Jack

    Shay Hendrix Tests the New Slave (

    Hi Guys, Got a couple of pics from a recent video update in the It stars Welsh Wonder Shay Hendrix as she facesits and smothers a new slave. She spreads her buttcheeks and uses all her weight to test his endurance and breath. Enjoy! Thanks Guys, Jack
  15. SAS_Jack

    Emma Butt Facesit/Asslick Tease -

    Hey guys, Just realised i hadn't shared with you this video set from the members section of It stars busty Mega Dom Emma Butt completely dominating her younger 20 year old Slave. She teases him with her ass, makes him sniff and lick it before she completely engulfs his...
  16. SAS_Jack

    Suffer under Sara Jay -

    Hi Guys, Excited to show you some pics of Big Booty Goddess Sara Jay partaking in some facesitting for She really has a crazy curvy body and put it to good use in this scene. Her amazing ass cheeks completely engulf and wiggle in his face, whilst her MASSIVE breasts...
  17. SAS_Jack

    Harsh Heavy Facesitting - Shay -

    Hi Guys, We recently updated our members section with Part 1 of "Harsh Heavy Facesitting" Starring our resident Mistress Shay Hendrix. This is most fullweight Facesitting Shay has ever done, and her little slave's face was really busted up after this. I'll post some more pics from Part 2 when...
  18. SAS_Jack

    Shay's Face Fuck Facesit (

    Hi Guys, I bring video grabs of an amazing recent update in the members section. It stars resident facesitter Shay Hendrix, all oiled up and grinding her ass and pussy in her slaves face. The noises alone whilst she is squashing and squelching his face are awesome. Don't...
  19. SAS_Jack

    Rent Dodger Punishment - Shay (

    Hi Gang, A couple of video grabs from a recent update in the members section starring gorgeous Welsh Mistress Shay Hendrix. Her Flatmate is constantly late paying his rent so she punishes him with some suffocating facesitting and smothering. Lots of verbal humiliation (She...
  20. SAS_Jack

    New Mellie D Pics (

    Hi Guys, Got some pics to show you from a recent update in the members section. It stars our plus sized facesitter Mellie D punishing a little guy with her ass and tits for suggesting sex at a massage appointment! He ass and tits completely engulf his face... Enjoy...