1. SAS_Jack

    Fullweight Suffering -

    Hi Guys, I haven't shown you this recent update in the members section. It stars resident fullweight expert Shay Hendrix In some heavy facesitting action. Enjoy! This clip is also available on our clips4sale store Regards Jack
  2. SAS_Jack

    Emma's Butt abuses her slave's face (

    Hi Gang, Got some new Emma Butt facesitting pics, taken from a recent video update in the members section. Amazonian Emma isn't happy that her pathetic young slave has been seeing other mistresses. She takes it upon herself to abuse his face with her rather large ass! Lots of...
  3. SAS_Jack

    Suffer under Sara Jay -

    Hi Guys, Excited to show you some pics of Big Booty Goddess Sara Jay partaking in some facesitting for She really has a crazy curvy body and put it to good use in this scene. Her amazing ass cheeks completely engulf and wiggle in his face, whilst her MASSIVE breasts...
  4. SAS_Jack

    POV + Oily Ass Worship (

    Hi again guys, Just sharing some hot POV and ass worship photos from a recent update starring the gorgeous Brooke in the members section. She oils up her amazing ass and tits, and then pulls her slaves face into her ass before making him lick her lovely asshole. Enjoy!
  5. SAS_Jack

    Paige Turnah gets her ass worshipped -

    Hi Guys, Stopping by to show you a corker of a video set now available for members of Stunning big butted Paige shows you her oiled up ass before making her slave worship her asshole. Ass worship fans will love this update, as Pete gets to slide his face and tongue in and...
  6. SAS_Jack

    Milf Mistress Jenna destroys her young neighbour (

    Hi Guys, Strong Mistress Jenna dominates and destroys her young next door neighbour in a recent update from Jenna looks hot as hell as she squashes, facesits, smothers her hapless neighbour. He really doesn't stand a chance as she utterly kicks his ass. Complete domination...
  7. SAS_Jack

    Mellie's Nude Ass Smothering -

    Hi Gang, I have a couple of pics from Mellie's FIRST NUDE ass smother and facesitting vid to show you. This was a recent video update in the members section. Inspired by Namio and his drawings of big beautiful curvy girls - Mellie had her slave collared and on a lead. She...
  8. SAS_Jack

    Badass - Shay -

    Hi Guys, Here's some pics to an aptly named recent update in the members section called "Badass" starring resident Welsh angry chick Shay. This guy really pissed her off so she smothered, choked, beat, slapped and ballbust this poor guy. She was pissed! Enjoy We now have a...
  9. SAS_Jack

    SmotherGirl - Pics and Clip -

    Hi guys, Thought i'd share with you a few pics and a trailer from a scene we had alot of fun shooting. It stars Sitandsmother girl Loz as SmotherGirl! She's a vigilante who tracks down pesky criminals and punishes them with her big juicy ass. She catches a panty thief and smothers him until she...
  10. SAS_Jack

    New Mellie D Facesitting Pics -

    Hi Guys, I know Mellie is a favourite of alot of you here so i'm stopping by with some pics from her latest video on She is back squashing and smothering the little guy again. Some pretty heavy edge-of-bed facesitting going on in this clip! Enjoy Thanks for the time...
  11. SAS_Jack

    Mistress Tammie Lee - Facebasher -

    Hi Gang, Got a few pics here from a recent update in the members section. Its got our gorgeous Brummie, Mistress Tammie Lee in some very sexy nude facesitting action. She really goes to town on her tied slaves face. Lots of bouncing too! She offers sessions and has her own...
  12. SAS_Jack

    Fullweight on your face - Emma -

    Hi guys, Just popping in to give you a few pics from a recent update in the members section. Emma is over 6ft and can sit really hard when she wants to. She decides to push Ray to his limit with lots of bare ass fullweight facesitting in this video! If you like your fullweight...
  13. SAS_Jack

    Ass Appreciation Day - Paige (pics)

    Hi guys, I have a couple of pictures for you from a recent update in the members section. It's got big assed Paige facesitting and smothering her tied and handcuffed boyfriend. This girls ass is huge! Enjoy Thanks for your time gents -Jack
  14. SAS_Jack

    Emma facesitting using just her Ass (Pics and Clip)

    Hi guys, Been a while since i showed you some pics and a trailer of Amazon Queen Emma. These are taken from a recent update in the members section. We decided to make a facesitting video where Emma only used her amazing ass to smother her slave. She sits first in a tiny...
  15. SAS_Jack

    Mellie's faceseat (Pics and Clip) + other news

    Hi guys! Stopping by to show off a recent update in the members section starring our resident big beautiful woman that is Mellie! She stars as a tv presenter trying to sell one of her favourite items - The Faceseat! She shows off her favourite positions and has alot of fun...
  16. SAS_Jack

    The Facesitting Bet - Tammie (Pics and Clip) -

    Hi Gang, Here some pics and a trailer from a recent update in the members section. Its stars our resident sadistic facesitter Tammie. Basically we bet Tammie £100 that she couldnt make Ray tap out using just her ample facesitting skills. Did she succeed? A trailer of...
  17. SAS_Jack

    Paralysed and Facesat by Loz (Pics and Clip)

    Hi Gents, The weekend is finally here! Here are a few video grabs and a trailer from a recent update in the members section. Its got our lovely welsh bubble butt facesitter Loz on sterling form as she facesits a paralysed fella (Note - this dude isnt really paralysed, its...
  18. SAS_Jack

    Tammie Lee's Dildo Face (Pics and Clip)

    Hi Guys, Here is a trailer and some pics from a recent update in the members section starring the sadistic Tammie Lee. She decides to use a vibrator whilst riding Ray's face, giving him a bird's eye view, whilst making sure he can't breathe. His face gets REALLY red. After she...
  19. SAS_Jack

    150th Membership competition winners -

    Hi Guys, Thankyou to everyone who submitted ideas/stories for this competition, we received a ton of entries! Unfortunately we only had 5 passes to give away to the best ideas this time, but we will be running another competition in the not to distant future! And on to the Winners...
  20. SAS_Jack

    Shay and Loz Squash the Nerd (Pics and Clip)

    Hi guys, Just uploaded part 2 of this fantastic video set today in the members section of It stars our gorgeous welsh lasses Shay and Loz having fun squashing, smothering, facesitting and tit smothering hapless nerd Symon. They use every bit of their hot ass and pussies to...