1. G

    Risky exposure

  2. highboots

    Worship Our Boots

    Cameron and Nora come inside, sit down to the table and allow their slave to care of their boots. Girls talk and play music while their slave worships Cameron's riding boots and Nora's brown boots under the table. He is utterly surrounded by their boots...
  3. Miles Striker

    Your Body is Nothing But a Hole to be Used by Cock for Roxanne Rae

    GIF: Clip: Plot: You’re Roxanne Rae’s personal little bitch and guess what? She’s got a new boyfriend, sooooooooo guess who must provide for two now? You of course! How...
  4. C

    Slave to her whim

    By now I was truly addicted to my mistress. The thought of her kept me aroused at night and when I was with her, I was slave to her every whim. I loved her dominating attitude but more than that, I loved her perfect body. Still, the thing that I coveted most was her beautiful ass. It was...
  5. C

    Slave to an Instagram Model (Part 2)

    . . . “Stay put and keep your eyes lowered,” Demi commanded. I stayed on my knees on the ground below the bench of the limo, looking down. I heard the door open and shut. I assumed Demi had left the car. A few moments later I heard the door open and shut again and Demi’s legs entered my...
  6. Karinacruel

    Kate Giant Trampling Bianca: Face, Head and Body

    Giant Kate cruel destroying Biancañs body with her perfect and long feet, not miss it. only in
  7. T

    First time I was a human toilet

    Before I start this is my first Time writing about an experience and my grammar is awful so hope you enjoy it but please ignore the mistakes! My first experience was with my ex call her megan she was 2 years younger than me at 21 and I was 23 people know me as a tall alpha strong guy but in...
  8. highboots

    Leather Boots on Table

    Katherine uses her slave as a step to stand on table and allows him to worship her leather boots. She also presses his head between her boots. Later she takes a seat on the armchair and uses him as a bootstool while she is smoking...
  9. highboots

    Cleaning for Adriana

    When Adriana comes she takes her coat off and relaxes on sofa. Later she rings up a slave. As soon as he comes she sits down on the high chair and he has to clean her boots. After cleaning she uses him as a footstool.
  10. C

    The Smell and Taste of Emily's Ass

    Part One: I had first become interested in ass licking and subsequently ass worship because of Emily. In high school, the topic had come up. Emily had said that while going down on her, someone had licked her butt. What’s more, she had enjoyed it. Initially, I was disgusted, but the more I...
  11. S

    A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM here we have the next clip with very popular goddess miss jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very...
  12. B

    Wistful Thinking

    Hey guys, this is purely a work of frustration. There is no facesitting in this first chapter, but there will be soon. Anyways... __________________________________________________ Wistful Thinking Dusk was approaching. The sun's orange glow washed over the park signalling the tired...
  13. S

    Whipped And Caned

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM next clip with loooong legged goddess empress victoria! she is dressed in a sexy semitransparent black outfit, while her slave is already tight to a punishment rack...
  14. S

    Gallery: The Caning Teacher

    new GALLERY online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM welcome in the slave school! being a little school boy under lady black diamoonds high heels is not easy. they are caned, humiliated and have to clean up their...
  15. S

    Hard Caning In The Chamber

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM here we have today the next clip of british pro dom domina liza. her slave is already fixed in the torture dungeon with his ass well presented to his mistress...
  16. S

    Slapping The Idiot

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM here we have another phantastic clip starring german pro dom black diamoond. 2 slaves are involved in this clip. black diamoonds personal rubber slave who has to kneel...
  17. S

    I Will Spank You Black And Blue

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM today we have a new clip with british pro dom mistress whiplash. as the clip starts her slave kneeling in front of her. mistress whiplash notices some marks...
  18. S

    Caned Hard By The Riding Mistress

    new clip online on WWW.SADO-LADIES.COM today we have a wonderful special clip with goddess miss jessica from the uk. she wants to dish out a cruel punishment today and she has a classic sand...
  19. C

    Appreciating Lili

    I've been a long time lurker, but I finally decided to make an account and post my first story. The following story is inspired by things that I read on this forum as well as a few of my own fantasies. I hope you enjoy! ----- I noticed Lili my first semester of college in my anthropology...