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    Her Stinkers 00

    A few samples from my 'Her Stinkers' collection. The slippers have about five years of mileage on them. Yummy! Enjoy! BTW, the rest of the sets can be found on my Imagefap galleries...
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    New Foot Fetish Clips are up

    The http://www.slippermistress.comhas new clips up. She has also included some fantastic heels. Check it out and be well, Mistress Onyx
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    The Slipper Mistress

    yes I know so many of you have been naughty. You love to sneak into the slipper bins and sniff and fuck my slippers. Leaving those nasty spots on my favourite slippers means punishment for you slipper freaks. I will force you to sniff and fuck my slippers for my pleasure. Then you will lick...
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    TWO FREE Foot Fetish Clips

    Not Free ? FUCK!! Alright! I wanted to offer you all some free clips but I cannot figure out the code and I am going to fuck up my store. lol If anyone knows where I can post the links to the clips let me know. Until then enjoy the site. ............ As you all may have been hearing...