small penis

  1. G

    The Masseuse

    This one is going to be a slow burn, folks. Lots of smothering to come in future chapters. Other elements will include BBW, small penis humiliation, pussy / ass worship, etc... Here are the first three chapters, please excuse minor grammar errors. Chapter 1: The Massage “Ouch!” The heavy...
  2. S

    SPH with feet and toes!

    Hello! This is my first post on here so not sure if this is the right section...i'm into 'sph foot fetish' not being well endowed myself i like being humiliated and trampled under ladies toes - aswell toe/pecker comparisons and the usual foot fetish stuff :p Here's a few funny pics i thought...
  3. MistressRouge

    Small Penis PUBLIC Humiliation :) So you think YOU have a small one??

    Watch this lol :eyebrows: