1. assassass

    New Fullweight Facesitting clipstore!

    I'm so lucky to have found someone to use me as a fullweight face-chair. She ignores me and farts on me when She has to, and shows no mercy. When She sits, I must remain perfectly still like furniture, and figure out how to breathe because She's not getting up unless She wants to. I love my new...
  2. C

    Worshipping Lili's Sweaty Ass

    I hope everyone enjoyed part one. Part two starts off a little slow, but it gets really hot. (Part One if you haven't read it) I couldn’t stop thinking about Lili. When she jumped into my mind a smile always slid across my face...
  3. C

    Anyone knows where this video comes from?

    Looks like it's an old video, but in my opinion is one of the besto of this type (forced feet smelling) Here the video: (part1)
  4. S

    Bound Forced Foot Smelling Humiliation

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  5. S

    Forced Nylon Foot Smelling Fight - Smell My Black Feet in my Black Nylons

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  6. S

    Stella Vs Janelle: Footsmelling and More for the Loser

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  7. czsole123 Forced to sniff sneakers - POV

    Forced to sniff sneakers - POV Look from first person's view how Summer will make you sniff her smelly sneakers after a day of walking. She will torture you with her feet and socks while you will be hopelessly trying to hold your breath. But you can't hold it forever, she will make you sniff...
  8. czsole123 Regina's socks worship - POV

    Regina's socks worship - POV First person view on how to feel to be seduced and dominated by young beautiful girl. School was long and summer is hot and with feet in those shoes all day...they got to smell quite a lot. Just try and smell. Get the full gallery now! Join us on...
  9. J

    Nylon smelling in humiliating position

    In the humiliating game of Mistress Ann the male hand behind his back must take off his superior boots and smell her stinky tan hosed feet, while groveling and suffer under Ann's feet.
  10. slaveandy

    MzDevious' Sweaty Ass on Your Face

    MzDevious just wrapped up an intense workout session to prep for her upcoming bodybuilding competition. Her workout shorts are exceptionally sweaty. She is going to smother andys face with her sweaty ass. The smell is potent and andy is repulsed. MzDevious makes him endure all her scents from...
  11. GoddessLilith


    Goddess Lilith and Her foot bitch out for a day in the park! Goddess makes Her foot stool smell Her DIRTY SMELLY SOCKS while She plays games on Her iPhone. REAL PUBLIC FOOT SMELLING!! Enjoy >:)
  12. slaveandy

    C.A. Media (Crudelis Amator) Feet/Trample Updates

    AURORA'S NEW FOOT SNIFFING BOY Mistress Aurora found this boy out on the streets of NY staring and drooling over her boots and the sweaty feet that are underneath the boots. She invites him back to her pad and quickly enslaves him to be her new foot boy. She starts by having him clean her...
  13. slaveandy

    Humiliating Fatty Foot Dommes

    BBW hottie dommes Platinum Puzzy and Darling Rikki have spent a better part of the day and night working and abusing peolpe at their day jobs to return to their pad to find someone stalking them. The quickly subdue him and now are going to force him to smell and worship their gross tired feet...
  14. slaveandy

    Smotheres and Cock Slapped by Princess Meggerz

    Princess Meggerz wants to torture slave andy with her pantyhosed ass. She makes sure he cant breathe and when she does let him up for air all he smells is the scents from her well worn hose and her ass. She quickly bores of this and combines her smothering with some smacking of his sore nuts...
  15. F

    The Guy finds mine Ballerina beautiful !

    Whether he still finds these beautiful ?
  16. slaveandy

    Rancid Shoes and Socks

    Mistress Anastasia returns wearing her stinky workout sneakers and cute socks that she has worn for 5 days straight. The smell inside her sneakers is strong enough to knock out a small child. Mistress Anastasia wants to make sure that slave can still smell the odor of her feet for a month on his...
  17. F

    A fresh smell

    What it can do beautiful give to sniff as the fresh smell of the feet which were already some hours in the shoes.
  18. slaveandy

    Stinky Feet and Sock Worship

    Mistress Ashley just got back from the gym and her feet are nice ad fragrant. She summons her slave to force him to endure her harsh foot scents. Her socks reek and she demands he tell her how they smell. She is not happy when he says they smell like vinegar. She takes a sock off and has him...
  19. slaveandy

    Office Gal Foot Humiliation

    Sydney and Whitney's feet are very tired and aromatic from a long day working at the office. They summon their foot puppy in to clean their shoes and smell their stinky hard worked feet. FREE TRAILER AVAILABLE HERE: Cruel...
  20. slaveandy

    Working Girl Nylon Feet

    Whitney Morgan arrives home to find her lazy ass slave sitting on the couch doing nothing but watching tv while she has been out all day working her ass off. Now she demands her slave work his hands, mouth, and face off to take care of her sweaty, smelly, hard working girl feet. FREE TRAILER...