1. E

    Lucky Ashtray

    Being my ashtray is an honor. This slave is lucky to be given the opportunity to eat my ash and breath in my think white smoke. I am even kind enough to give him some of my spit. He needs to learn to take this privilege rather than squirming and trying to fight it. Now available from Elena De...
  2. W

    7 Layers Of Latex

    Rubberslut's latex frenzy continues as Mistress Ariana plays with his head. She begins by playing breath games with him, and blowing smoke into his face. Mistress adds another bodybag into the mix. She then lays across his body whispering seductively in his ear. The fun has only yet begun...
  3. BBW Mistress Victoria

    My 2 Ash trays, Open your mouths!

    My 2 Ashtrays enjoy Mistress Victoria's Smoke in their faces and Take my ashes in their mouths or hands Like good Ashtrays do! Poor Camera Man has a hard time breathing though, maybe next time we will blow smoke on him instead! HAHAHAHAHAA Check this video out here