smother and ass worship

  1. lanaluxor

    Lana Luxor: Confined by My Ass Smother K.O

    After forcing her nerdy room mate to have an orgasm, Lana takes advantage of the fact that he is exhausted after blowing a load and has tied him arms down to the bed using restraints. Lana starts off by rubbing her voluptuous juicy ass with baby oil . She then climbs on top of him and plumps her...
  2. lilu_hotty

    Face Sitting in Leather Dress - by MissLiLu

    Hello That was my 1st Face Sitting experience... I wear my Leather Dress and Sit on that stupid face .... I sit on it , i jump on it, and i rub it with my ass! So check it out here: here is an image preview: Enjoy it
  3. MadameSmotherme

    Madame Smotherme I took this pic in the DMV area. I'm on tour with my sisters. We all have big round asses and we all have a bad attitude. Texas DMV Georgia Florida West Coast East Coast Contact me for further information. Fart fetishes available as well as scatting .
  4. MadameSmotherme

    Assworship in ATL

    Yes !I have a big natural phat ass. Yes !I can take your breath away. Yes ! If I were to sit on your face I would smother you. Now that the formalities are taken care of . Now we can move on to the real stuff like : When Where How long 678-664-8331 text
  5. Miles Striker

    Olivia Has to Find a New Use for Her Boyfriend HD Reduced Price!

    Title: Olivia Has to Find a New Use for Her Boyfriend HD Reduced Price! GIF: Clip: Plot: Olivia Kasady has a way over confident...
  6. 0

    BJ and Travis, a BBW dominates an old flame

    Travis and Betty Jo met each other for the first time when they were both 18-year-old high school seniors. Travis was a short stocky country boy and was known as a partier. He had no plans after graduation, he enjoyed living life on a whim. Betty Jo was taller than most girls in her class. She...
  7. MistressAgatha

    New Video Brazil # FaceSitting Big Ass Smother Lesbian # GirlsFetishBrazil

    Face Sitting Big Ass Lesbian Domination By Mistress Beh NEW VIDEO CLICKHERE CLIPSTORE INSTAGRAM @FETISHCLIPSBR
  8. Zonda

    Seductive Isabel Face Sitting In Bald HD

    Seductive Isabel Face Sitting In Bald HD FULL HD Clip (1920x1080) - Latina Goddess Isabel looks gorgeous in her sexy jean shorts. She wants to punish her baldy slave. He is lying on the floor as the worm he is. The slave is waiting to serve as a throne for Goddess Isabel's perfect butt. She...
  9. R

    Breath Control Training SLAVE!! Are you ready to be my chair? You better be because there isn’t a choice from here. Hehehe. I Why did I even ask? can see you twitching with anticipation...
  10. MzJuicyBerry

    New Orleans Big Easy Big Booty Facesitting

    Hello All I have arrived and I am ready to rule your face... ◾Sissy/Slave training ◾Your Choice of Showers ◾Beginner and Advanced (safe word) ◾Humiliation/Fart ◾Dress up Role Play ◾Button Drops/Wrestling OTHER FETISHES!!! contact me at bookingthebestbooty@ g m ai l
  11. EmpressKabani

    Empress Kabani and Mz. Juicy in Texas!!!

    I am one day way from booking My ticket for Texas! I am so excited. Me and Mz. Juicy together again!! I will be touching down this week in hot ass Texas ready to sit on some country boy faces with Mz. Juicy. We are currently farming for bodies to be underneath of Us in every way. Almost eight...
  12. EmpressKabani

    Getting Great Reviews!

    Had no idea that My video this time out the gate would be such a hit. Thank you to all who have seen My video and commented. And to answer your question, Yes I enjoyed riding its face. Yes I loved bouncing on his head. I enjoyed every minute of it. Cant wait until I can do it again...
  13. EmpressKabani

    My newest video is out!

    I have been dormant for a while due to health issues. Now, I am feeling great and I had to unleash all of My pent up energy onto My newest addition to My stable. I put some serious facesitting and body crushing down. This is just a preview of whats to come soon. Ms. Juicy will be joining Me...
  14. B

    SSBBW Duo traveling to Detroit, MI Sept. 14-15th

    Have you dreamed of being dominated by 400+ pounds? Completely submitting yourself to over 70" of booty? Both Goddess Ivy and Goddess Malice are Cleveland based Dommes available for an assortment of sessions. We enjoy squashing, face sitting, humiliation, sissification, smothering, feederism...
  15. B

    Malice(Malicebbw) and (Hotfattygirl) Ivy will be in FL for Fetcon Offering sessions

    Malice(Malicebbw) and (Hotfattygirl) Ivy will be in FL for Fetcon Offering sessions We offer a variety of domination and fetish sessions including: Squashing / Smothering Worship - Fat, Feet, Belly, Ass, Etc. Feederism - Male Feedee / Female Feeder ONLY Face Sitting Humiliation...
  16. G

    The Masseuse

    This one is going to be a slow burn, folks. Lots of smothering to come in future chapters. Other elements will include BBW, small penis humiliation, pussy / ass worship, etc... Here are the first three chapters, please excuse minor grammar errors. Chapter 1: The Massage “Ouch!” The heavy...
  17. B

    DC/MD/VA sessions available for a very brief time

    Facesitting, trampling, wrestling, foot fetish, smoking, toilet training, human ashtray, watersports, tickling, adult babies, humiliation and more. Come session with REAL bdsm Goddess Perfection. For more information, email me at
  18. C

    Lydia ASSHAMMERS Hollys face !

    This a rematch where lydia shows off her evil facesitting skills Enjoy JD :trump
  19. B

    Extreme Ass and Pussy Smothering

    The slave is in bondage restrained spread eagle as Mistress begins the teasing with ass smothering as his nose is buried in her sweaty crack. As she is spitting in his face, Mistress turns around and buries the slaves nose with her pussy. As he is suffocating breathing for air, the facial abuse...