smothering face sitting

  1. GoddessLilith

    Goddess Lilith and Goddess D Double Facesitting Fun!!

    We got super gothed up and cute & decided to tease Our real-life partners. We put them BOTH in bondage sleep sacks, side by side, and teased them mercilessly. It got HOT :) Check out the amateur vid we took of it right here...
  2. 0

    Pam and Jim, adominant bbw nurse story

    The days were getting longer and more boring for Jim. It had been 3 weeks since he got out of the hospital and for all that time he has been stuck in bed. Jim is recovering from a car accident that shattered both his legs from the thighs down. So, there he lays day in and day out, both of his...
  3. Mistress Meltz

    Meltz and Juicy Kat double trample and squash

    Meltz and Juicy Kat double squash and FS vid See my latest facesitting and squashing vid featuring Juicy Kat of Studio Biggz. Juicy is pleasantly plump and has fun squashing and smotherin this slave with me as we share a few laughs and put our almost 800 lbs combined on this skinny little...
  4. F

    Looking for bitches in the Toronto area for Smothering videos

    I'm looking for bitch babies who will submit to my commands. I want to videotape our experience discreetly to show the world how much control I have . No facial pix. I want bitches who are cut, white and drug/disease free. If you're open minded and want a good time, send me a message. GTA or...
  5. B

    Backdoor Cuckold Slave

    Mistress has her slave on the floor in the kitchen, as her boyfriend holds the slaves leash. Cleaning didn't go so well, as Mistress slaps and spits on the pathetic slave for missing a spot. Mistress & her boyfriend then verbally degrade their cuckolded slave with the leash now tightly secured...
  6. L

    Searching for Special Smother Stories!

    I would like to find facesitting and smothering stories using what are known as "SMOTHER PANTIES"! These are specially made clothing such as panties, pantyhose, shorts, long pants, etc. with extra material added in the crotch with an opening to insert a person's head. The purpose is to have...
  7. B

    Trample Torture Tease

    The Mistress' slave is chained, flat on his back, to a metal frame that has him spread eagle. She starts with some teasing, dangling her bare tits in his face and brushing her feet and hands over his cock, before turning up the pain. She twists and wrenches his dick with her hands, eventually...
  8. B

    Extreme Ass and Pussy Smothering

    The slave is in bondage restrained spread eagle as Mistress begins the teasing with ass smothering as his nose is buried in her sweaty crack. As she is spitting in his face, Mistress turns around and buries the slaves nose with her pussy. As he is suffocating breathing for air, the facial abuse...
  9. B

    Anal Anticipation

    Mistress Anastasia pierce has her hand up Slave Gia Paloma's ass. She then fetches a dildo to cram down her throat, forcing her to gag and drool. Once it's slippery and wet, she hands it over to Gia who eagerly puts it into her own ass. After fucking the toy for a while, Anastasia puts her...
  10. G

    Need help finding some Clips!

    I remember watching some of my favorite clips over the years, yet I forget what the titles of said clips were. I just remember details about them, and if anyone could help me out that would be fantastic! The first clip is an older on with a very distinct name, for some reason the quality of...
  11. C

    Featured Models For *ClubBreath-IV Smothernight*

    It would be great to have Mistress Destiny members with us at the smothernight on Friday, August 24th in Los Angeles! Here's more info for you.. Models List and descriptions: Models Gallery of all the ladies that will be there...
  12. C

    **Want THESE on your face?**

    Shown here are Caroline Pierce, Imani Seduction and Skylar Rene.. Just 3 of the 20 confirmed ladies that will be at ClubBreath-III in Los Angeles on Friday, June 22nd. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS AND TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT. SPACE IS LIMITED! CLICK HERE FOR CLUBBREATH-III MODELS PHOTO GALLERY!
  13. C

    Join Us in 2 Weeks at ClubBreath-III Smothering Night

    Hey Guys, Just want to let you all know that the date is set and we're doing ClubBreath-III "Breathless" Smothering Night on June 22nd in Los Angeles. The first one was great.. the second one was amazing.. the 3rd is definitely going to be even better.. especially now that things are...
  14. C

    Club Breath II Review Posted

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that I've posted a review of the recent Club Breath II smothering party. I'll also be posting some cool photos we shot of a totally unplanned smother show of girl/girl and girl/guy smotherbox smothering! I'll do my best to get them up on the site later...
  15. C

    AdultStar Kimberly Kane Coming to TOMORROW's ClubBreath-II

    Just confirmed with Adult Star Kimberly Kane that she'll be at tomorrow night's ClubBreath-II smothernight in LA (Friday, April 20th) She'll be headlining the event with Caroline Pierce. I've got way more girls coming than I had planned for, so hopefully you guys who are...
  16. C

    More Model Pictures For April 20th ClubBreath II Smothering Party

    Here are a few more pictures of girls that will be at the April 20th ClubBreath Smothernight in Los Angeles in 4 days time! 5ft 10in Latina Model Jasmine Mendez Caroline Pierce - The Booty Goddess Herself! Cute Cathena.. she's a doll! Hot, In Shape Daisy Layne! Get...
  17. C

    *Club Breath II* SMOTHERing Night Models PHOTOS!!

    Just 7 Days Till ClubBreath II Smothering Night! - Models Photos Posted! Once again we have an amazing lineup of ladies ready to smother you at the ClubBreath Smothernight on Friday, April 20th in Los Angeles! The models list and photogallery has now been posted and there are still some...
  18. C

    *Club Breath* SmotherING Night Models PHOTOS!!

    Get smothered by the beautiful scent of THESE stunning women at the ClubBreath Smothernight on February 16, 2012! [ CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS OF THE LADIES ] [ CLICK HERE FOR MORE EVENT INFO ]
  19. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Mistress Christine Punishes Kitty Sitting on her face!

    Oh no subby Miss Kitty has gotten in trouble again not listening to Mistress Christine! Caught red Handed playing her favorite Game, Angry Birds in stead of doing what she was commanded to do! She the fair Christine Punishes her by sitting on her face smothering the breath out of the bad girl...
  20. S

    Supers Whitney and Sydney Facesit Smother Criminal Andy

    Superheroines Smother Evil Doer Slave Andy Superheroines, Whitney Morgan and Sydney Screams have captured criminal at large, Slave Andy, who has been groping unsuspecting women. The two powerful women will have no part of it! Instead of traditional punishment tactics, the superheroines decide...