1. C

    Amatuer Facesitting and Ass Worship from Coworker! I don’t really feel like uploading the whole thing to any websites because it takes so long, but here’s a sample of some of the fun I had, fresh after work! As I posted in the comment section, me and a cougar (mature woman) at my...
  2. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Private Sessions!!!

    Queen Of Shadows, Mz.Inkredible, Mz Crushalot and Mz. Mika will be doing sessions in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Maryland area 9/21- 9/25. We will travel to whatever city you are in. Must pay booking fee $200 and give us a day and time that you will be available for session. If filming...
  3. Z

    Some pics from personal experience with 2 girls

    Maybe it's time I contributed something so here is some amateur pics from 1 of my sessions. They sit on me in all kinds of ways and usually for 2 mins sometimes more. I'll post the trampling pics in the other section. Also got a buttdrop video but I'll only post it when I have enough likes lol
  4. allen01

    My first femdom: Primal Intensity

    ***The following is based on a true story, with a few details that were changed for certain reason.. because of this change I have called the character representing me “John” instead of my real name since this certain change makes this a work of fiction. Yes there is some embellishment, but in...
  5. Furetto

    Smothered by Giant Stinky Feet

    The video Burst of Footsmothering is now available in two stores: Fetish Obsession ItalFetish Mister Apnea is talking on the phone with Valerie, a twenty years old girl who would like to...
  6. 0

    BJ and Travis, a BBW dominates an old flame

    Travis and Betty Jo met each other for the first time when they were both 18-year-old high school seniors. Travis was a short stocky country boy and was known as a partier. He had no plans after graduation, he enjoyed living life on a whim. Betty Jo was taller than most girls in her class. She...
  7. 0

    Toni and Greg, a BBW dominates her "boss"

    Toni and Greg work together for a small construction company. Greg is the managing partner and Toni is the office manager. On paper Greg is supposed to oversee the company, but everyone knows Toni is the boss. Greg is on the short side of average for a man, but he has a huge personality. To know...
  8. 0

    Kami and Stan, a dominant BBW dominates husband.

    Kami peered down at her deep cleavage while she relaxed in a pedicure chair. She loved her big boobs and often fantasized about squeezing her husbands cock between them. Kami admires her ample breasts and often wonders if people notice her checking herself out while she is in public. Her eyes...
  9. Furetto

    Socks Smothering in the Woods (ItalFetish)

    New Video at Mister Apnea goes jogging in the park with Miss Misia Marelli, alias Lady Witch. After a full hour of hard running, the fat man needs to take a break and creates a funny fetish game he can’t win. Mister Apnea has an excellent...
  10. Cordelia

    A Goddess and Her Steed (True Woman Worship regular updates)

    Greetings all! You may have seen me around the forum; it's such a pleasure to find a respectful community where I can share my passion for Female Domination. My husband was a 'lurker' on these forums for years and suggested I sign up given I have decided to take our 24/7 FLR and Femdom...
  11. Furetto

    Smothered By Her Smelliest Body Parts (Fetish Obsession for Female Bad Smells)

    Video available at Fat Man is reading a book, comfortably lying on the carpet, while Mistress Samira - entering the room - screams at him with a nasty voice: ''What are you fucking doing, here?''. At first, she angrily pries the book...
  12. NatalyaSadici

    Latex Assets

    The following video is now available for purchase at Latex Assets The curves of My body are highlighted and accentuated by the latex hugging it. There's no way of escaping how much your eye is drawn to certain key areas. As the light gleams...
  13. Marc70

    Asian GODDESS smothers him under her ass!!

    Miss Vanny loves to smother her slave. She sits on his face and likes to tease him under her ass. She love to feel a face suffering under her pussy and ass and the slave has to say thank you with kissing her mistress feet! C4S :
  14. femalewrestlingfan

    Dominated Slaveboy!

    Chadam was my victim and slave in this clip. I was dressed in a very sexy leather dominatrix outfit and I also brought in my studded paddle. I pretty much dominated chadam by facesitting him in this, making sure he knew I was the one in control and he had to do what I said. I am a princess with...
  15. Furetto

    Smothered By Her Smelliest Body Parts (Ass Fetish & Facesitting Domination)

    New video from Bdsm & Fetish Milano Fat Man is reading a book, comfortably lying on the carpet, while Mistress Samira - entering the room - screams at him with a nasty voice: ''What are you fucking doing, here?''. At first, she...
  16. Marc70

    Miss JENNAS sexy Facesitting / Pussy and Ass Smelling SESSION

    Arrogant Mistress Jenna rubs her pussy and ass on his face. She loves to rides her victims face and she wants him to sniff it. Furthermore she smothers him under her ass and plays with his breathing. If you love a sexy Facesitting session, this Video is a MUST HAVE! C4S...
  17. dachi

    Exclusive face-sitting updates [pics and clips post]

    Dont close page - wait for loading of JPEG's Click on JPEG thumb and You will download free picture Selected from latest gallery, featuring Cruel Lady K1Ra regular updates since 2013 year, free previews and downloads
  18. sruther

    Amazon Amanda facesitting / chestsitting session review

    yupp! just had my first breath play and crushing session with Amanda a week ago so i'd thought I would recount the experience for anyone who is thinking of getting in touch with her, lol and to make a long story short, it was one the greatest things i've ever experienced =p. ***oh and if...
  19. gdogg04

    Looking for Facesitters in South Florida

    I just recently moved to South Florida and having a hard to finding women that are into facesitting. I tried looking on Backpage and, but the amount of dominant women that post on those sites, just isn't how it used to be. Does anyone have any recommendations for great facesitters in...
  20. JulieSimone

    Mistrix Latex Smothering

    Mistrix Ms E, dressed in a latex dress and patterned pantyhose, is displeased to find Her slave napping instead of working, so She decides to put him into a permanent state of rest! She places Her round bottom on his face with the latex making a perfect seal. To make things more difficult for...