sneaker fetish

  1. Jewel

    i use my sexy nike shox to give a hot sneaker job on valentine candy for another slave to eat!!

    I give a real man a shoe job on a whole box of valentine chocolates under my sexy nike shox... i even put 2 candies in each shoe before i start... why? because the shoes arent mine anymore a slave bought them and will pay me to watch his pathetic ass clean them up with his tongue!! i make sure i...
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sweaty Sock Sniffer 4

    SWEATY SOCK SNIFFER 4 Hey, pervert. Let Me just sit down here, with My teeny tiny workout shorts and My stinky black and white Chucks. I know you like these sneakers, don't you? That's because you're pathetic. I wear them when I want something from you. When I want to trick you into giving...
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sweaty Sock Sniffer 3

    SWEATY SOCK SNIFFER 3 I don't waste a single bit of My awesomeness. Even My gross parts are invaluable and precious, aren't they? Why let them go to waste, when I can use them to get what I want from perverts like YOU? I figured I'd shoot a quick video right after a particularly tough day...
  4. P

    I need Help!!

    Hi everyone, I am desperate. I am searching something like a website or a place where i can email with Goddess Gabriella. I really love her Converse shoes and the way she lets her slave lick them. Does anyone knows where I can find her videos for free or her website? Waitin for an answer, Thank...
  5. Furetto

    Foot Smelling In The Car (real italian stinky-dirty feet)

    New Video ItalFetish Mister Apnea and Misia Marelli have decided to go jogging in the park despite the rain. They think it would be an awesome opportunity to combine business with pleasure if they could realize a nasty foot smellingvideo at the end of the...
  6. mrtramplefantasy

    Russian Goddess Elita’s First Trample

    Elita is getting ready to hit the gym but wants to do some warm ups and take some sexy selfies before she goes out. Whats a good warm up than standing on top of your rugboy. Elita has such great balance as she stretches her legs lifting it up in the air close to her chest, baring all her weight...
  7. Jewel

    slave boy finds out how mean i can be in my new nikes! but i let him cum when im ready slave boy finds out how mean i can be in my new nikes! but i let him cum when im ready dirty white soles crush his cock hard as i stomp, stand and grind and twist his member under my filthy street worn nikes! when im...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Footjob Fitness

    FOOTJOB FITNESS I’ve seen you, more than once, eyeing my feet and sneakers while you’re training me at the gym. You know those workout pants of yours don’t hide much, and your bulge is as clear as the dumbbells on the rack. I want to see how far I can take this. Well, you got naked...
  9. JulieSimone

    Sneaker Slave

    Sneaker Slave - When you followed Me off the subway you thought something freaky was going to happen. You weren’t entirely wrong but it’s not going to be what you think. I saw you checking out My sneakers. You’re going to be My sneaker slave. Being under My sneakers is all you’re going to...
  10. JulieSimone

    Smelly Sneakers for Auction + HD Video

    I love these sneakers, I've had them for over 4 years! They've gotten too smelly to wear, so I'm putting them up for auction. Includes a 5 min HD video where I talk about how smelly they are, tease them off My feet, then let you come closer to smell them. Visit My blog for info on how to...
  11. S

    My Human Punching Bag

    Some stills from my archives, from the vid, "my human punching bag"
  12. Be my carpet

    BMC footfetish updates and pics

    Hi, here is Be my carpet footfetish find here the newest updates and pics Free pics
  13. JulieSimone

    Nikki & Julie Stinky Sneakers, Socks & Bare Feet

    We've been walking around all day in these tennis shoes and our feet are STINKY! They're beyond moist, they're soaked with sweat. I bet you'd like to taste it or even get to smell it. We take off our shoes, let you take a whiff, then tease you with our socked feet before taking those off to...
  14. F


    A show like much dirt now at the feet sticks.
  15. F

    18 yr old dancers feet & socks

    THE CONVERSE SUPER STAR (Her very first video) This is Mellissa one super hot 18 yr old foot sock and sneaker freak. She came over to film what I like to call the CONVERSE SUPER STAR She is a dancer and yoga instructor with a serious love of feet and all things related. I had Mellissa come...
  16. F

    Adidas girl socks & sneakers (wow)

    MY ADVENTURES WITH ADIDAS GIRL SHOPPING AND FUCKING TILL WE DROP This is Becky the Adidas girl and I am so in love with her white knee socks and old school adidas she is smoking hot and a complete sneaker and sock slut. I spent the afternoon with her walking around town and shopping for socks...
  17. F

    Awesome converse sneaker clip

  18. F

    Cumming on her sneakers & socks vid

    THE ONE OF A KIND SERIES CONTINUES 236.25MB OF RAW ACTION Come and watch the most unique foot and sock fetish series ever. This was a custom video idea that we put a twist on and have watched it grow. This hot little foot brat puts on her ankle socks and sneakers on her hands and feet. Adidas...
  19. F

    Incredible emo in pink knee socks

    INCREDIBLE DIRTY KNEE SOCK SLUT This is a super cute emo girl I met and we made some insane foot sock and sneaker movies drop by and check out my footzine it is free and check out all the underground sock fetish clips enjoy board THE AMATEUR FOOT BRATS :banana:
  20. S

    My Human Punching and Kicking Bag

    This is how I deal with anger managment, while at the same time, getting a good workout! I just tie up my stupid, fat, pigdog, and abuse the shit out of him, from kicking his puny nuts, punching, slapping, burning. to even a few good whips with the belt, totally spur of the moment, which i will...