1. vladviper1

    Featured crush: Sneakers and sock cockcrush (cumshot included)
  2. jgrass1

    <<Irish's Schoolgirl Smother Stool<<

    Irish has had a long day at school and she just wants to sit and stare at her phone for a while. Luckily, she has a wonderful chair at home with a lovely attachment just for resting....Dottie's Face! Irish plops down in the chair and rests her sneakers onto Dottie's gagged face (wouldn't want...
  3. highboots

    Clean My Dirty Riding Boots

    Nora relaxes on the sofa with her feet on the slave. Suddenly rings the doorbell. It is Cameron who came from ride, so her Aigle riding boots are dirty. Nora goes to make a coffee for her friend. Cameron takes a seat and orders the slave to clean her riding boots. So he starts to lick them...
  4. mercilesslolita

    Cock Trampling in Old Reebok sneakers after school until cum

    Dear slaves, I present "Cock Crush in Old reebok sneakers after school until cum" (Full video: 8 min) PREVIEW AND FULL VIDEO: Any doubts: Custom video requests: With love...
  5. mercilesslolita

    First Time Cock Trampling in 3 Converse Sneakers after School until cum

    Dear slaves, I present my first Cock Trampling and shoejob video using 3 converse sneakers until cum. (Full duration: 35min) PREVIEW AND FULL VIDEOS: Any doubts: Custom video requests...
  6. Marc70

    oO Special Face Trampling Oo

    Lady Katy van Strange tramples him badly under her sneakers and (Premium Membrers)
  7. M

    Mistress Claire's stinky sneakers - smell them for yourself!

    *** Admin - pardon me if this isn't allowed here, it seemed like the most appropriate section to post this in but please feel free to move/remove if it isn't allowed *** I have decided to sell most of my shoe collection, which is pretty vast. I have sooooo many pairs of stinky sneakers, many of...
  8. Furetto

    Foot and Food Fetish (Fetish Obsession for "real" stinky feet)

    Eating Biscuits Under Four Stinky Feet! Four feet are better than two. «Melius abundare quam deficere» said the Latins and Mister Apnea is convinced of the truth of this maxim. So, it will be a pleasure for him to have a snack under four...
  9. Marc70

    Lick the Dirt LOSER! (Miss Isabelle)

    Lady Isabelle wants you to worship her dirty nike sneakers right now. Come closer slave and lick every inch of her filthy soles. You now lick the interstices of her shoeprofile.. then swallow the dirt and enjoy the taste. ///
  10. Furetto

    Adidas Mania (for dirty sneakers and smelly feet fans) One of our loyalest customers has a strong fetish for Adidas sneakers and dirty feet. He sent us this screenplay: ''Dear ItalFetish staff, I simply adore your actress Little Acab. I love young rebels and dangerous girls always angry, especially...
  11. Furetto

    Foot Smelling In The Car (real italian stinky-dirty feet)

    New Video ItalFetish Mister Apnea and Misia Marelli have decided to go jogging in the park despite the rain. They think it would be an awesome opportunity to combine business with pleasure if they could realize a nasty foot smellingvideo at the end of the...
  12. Marc70

    Getreten unter schmutzigen Sneakers

    Miss Vanny love to tease slaves under her feet and she loves to trample them. Today she tramples the poor victim under her dirty sneakers. She loves to kick his face and to watch him suffer under weight. and C4S:
  13. Marc70

    < Trampled under dirty sneakers > :D :D

    Miss Vanny love to tease slaves under her feet and she loves to trample them. Today she tramples the poor victim under her dirty sneakers. She loves to kick his face and to watch him suffer under weight. and C4S:
  14. Jewel

    Nike Free Transform Flyknit Trainers Crush and milk his cock! If you like Nike sneakers you will love these sexy Trainers... the soles are perfect for both inflicting pain and giving pleasure... and he gets both! full weight standing on his cock twisting grinding and eventually milking out...
  15. UnderGiantessFeet

    Fitness Instructor Extremely Stinky Feet

    New amazing model - fitness instructor Lindsay. She forces slave to lick her dirty running sneakers. Yes, she often runs in these sneakers, so soles are very dirty. The perfect job for a slave. Lindsay orders to sniff her sweaty sneakers and dirty socks. And damn, her socks smell amazing! So...
  16. MadameMarissa

    He can (almost) decide his fate

    I'm going to leave the slave's fate in his own hands today - well, at least he can roll the dice himself :-D He has to roll the dice and the dice decides which shoes I'm going to use to trample his weak body. Will he get the rather soft converse? The hard hiking boots? My sexy high heels? Some...
  17. Jewel

    slave boy finds out how mean i can be in my new nikes! but i let him cum when im ready dirty white soles crush his cock hard as i stomp, stand and grind and twist his member under my filthy street worn nikes! when im done playing i use them to make him cum for me!
  18. MadameMarissa

    Fed from 4 DIRTY SNEAKERS soles

    And once again Madison joins me to humiliate the slave. We enjoy some cake while the loser crawls at our feet - and every now and then we spit some cake on the floor for him and crush it under our dirty sneaker soles - so he can lick it off our shoes! We just love how disgusted he is by...
  19. MadameMarissa

    Taped to the floor and trampled

    This is what happens to slaves that move too much when I trample them! I've used some rolls of extra-strong duct tape to keep the slave in place on the floor and he's absolutely unable to move now. Now I can trample him with my converse sneakers - and he can't do anything - he just has to take...
  20. UnderGiantessFeet

    Obey Me Foot Freak

    Long clip with beautiful model Angie. In this time, she makes me to worship her feet and shoes. Angie came on set in her Nike sneakers. First she orders me to lick street dirt from soles of her shoes. It was disgusting; she stepped on something, you can see it on the heel. The worst part is...