1. highboots

    Under Chair

    Nora uses a slave as a footstool. When Cameron comes she asks her if she can borrow him. Cameron orders him to lie down, puts the chair over him and takes a seat with her feet in boots on his chest. After that she takes off her boots and socks and puts her sweaty feet on his face. She rubs her...
  2. highboots

    Foot Worship on Sofa

    Cameron and Nora take a seat on the sofa and Nora caress with Cameron's riding boots for a while. Then Nora goes for the slave because Cameron has a work for him. When he goes on all fours Cameron orders him to take her riding boots off and he starts to worship her beautiful sweaty feet...
  3. S

    Double Stinkfoot Sock Trample

    My long time friend finally came over for some playtime with Me and My subbie! Miz Karma and I had a blast while waiting for the pizza guy to bring Us Our dinner...stomping the shit out of My floorboy in Our stinky sweaty socks! Bwhahaha Free Preview...
  4. B

    The Legends of Butt Sniffer: Tyrana's Complex

    WEDNESDAY: I got the call on my way back from a photo shoot with Lorena: “Saturday, Mr Whiff, I booked you with a beautiful girl at Nick’s place in New Haven for this Saturday,” my junior talent manager, Linda, says to me. “Wait, Linda,” I responded, “let me plug my phone in – the battery’s...
  5. A

    Mouth taped shut?

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here. I was wondering if anybody had pics or videos of someone getting sat on while their mouth is sealed shut. It is my favorite kind of facesitting and it seems like I rarely see it. I appreciate any contributions.