sock job

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    Training her in foot fucking

    HER VERY FIRST LESSONS IN SOCK & FOOT FUCKING We met up and she started and about 10 minutes into it I think she started to realize this was not what she thought it was..LOL I have no idea what she was thinking since I explained it all in depth. She wanted to continue because she said it turned...
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    Little sock princess gives a first foot job

    COMING SOON LITTLE MORGAN THE PUNK SOCK PRINCESS GIVES A SOCK & FOOT JOB This is a new girl I take into the woods for the very first time and show her how to give a sock and teasing foot job incredible HD video that will blow your frigging minds keep your eyes out check back for it or e-mail...
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    The ultimate sock & foot job

    THE VERY BEST FOOT AND SOCK JOB I EVER RECEIVED !!!! This was the best foot and sock job I ever got it was so intense I shot a load so hard and far it hit her in the ass Come check out all the adventures I go on in the search for the best amateur foot and sock fetish brats. Take a...