1. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sock Pusher

    SOCK PUSHER CUSTOM: Do you remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Eric Stoltz gives John Travolta a sales pitch, outlining the merits of each grade of heroin he has for sale? Or that scene in American Beauty where the bag guy pulls out a drawer of green and outlines the different types of...
  2. Marc70

    GO, SUCK it now! (Miss Marinka @

    Sexy Marinka wants him to suck her sweaty socks! and
  3. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Sweaty Sock Sniffer 3

    SWEATY SOCK SNIFFER 3 I don't waste a single bit of My awesomeness. Even My gross parts are invaluable and precious, aren't they? Why let them go to waste, when I can use them to get what I want from perverts like YOU? I figured I'd shoot a quick video right after a particularly tough day...
  4. Marc70

    Forced to lick and sniff!! MISS KARO!

    Lady Karo wants a slave to sniff her sweaty feet after Workout. She takes off her sneakers and orders him to smell inside. After that she rubs her stinky socks all over his worthless face and wants him to sniff. ( and
  5. Marc70

    SNIFF ans SWALLOW!!!! pure humiliation!

    Sniff and swallow my old , sweaty socks ! and
  6. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Undeserving Jerk Junkie

    UNDERSERVING JERK JUNKIE Such a less-than, sniveling, desperate, obsessive masturbation addict doesn't even deserve to jerk off to My image. Or even My words. It's like throwing pearls before swine. Are you ready to hear just how little I think of you, and how disgusting and pathetic I...
  7. Furetto

    Foot and Food Fetish (Fetish Obsession for "real" stinky feet)

    Eating Biscuits Under Four Stinky Feet! Four feet are better than two. «Melius abundare quam deficere» said the Latins and Mister Apnea is convinced of the truth of this maxim. So, it will be a pleasure for him to have a snack under four...
  8. Furetto

    Can a Loser Be Useful To a Goddess? (Extreme Foot Humiliation)

    New Video available at Bdsm & Fetish Milano Little Acab is known to be one of the most cruel mistresses in Italy. In this clip she tests her pathetic slave skills to see if there could be some usefulness in that miserable human being...
  9. Marc70

    SNIFF my sweaty FUZZY SOCKS !!!

    Sweet lesbian Punk Jamie Kaate takes off her boots and places both smelly fuzzy socks on the slaves face. She orders him to breathe trough her stinky , brutal worn socks and he enjoy the sweaty of her feet. and (premium site)
  10. Marc70

    = on your knees loser ...AND SNIFFFFF =

    Hey loser, get on your knees and sniff my sweaty socks ! and
  11. Marc70

    // SNIFFING and SWALLOWING // A young girl forces

    Miss Serena wants him to kiss her dirty sneakers first. She removes her sneakers and forces him to sniff inside and to smell her sweaty moist socks. Finally The sweet mistress wants him to swallow her pink socks while she laughs at him /// (premiumsite)...
  12. Marc70

    Gezwungen ihren Schweiß zu inhalieren....

    THE SPECIAL SMELL ..... forced to sniff their sweaty socks! Pictures VISIT NOW! Pictures VISIT NOW!
  13. Marc70

    THE SPECIAL SMELL ....... forced to sniff their sweat !!!

    THE SPECIAL SMELL ..... forced to sniff their sweaty socks! Pictures VISIT NOW! Pictures VISIT NOW!
  14. Marc70

    FORCED to SMELL .... and to lick and to SUCK!!! :D

    Redhead Lady Karo has her salve to her feet as she takes off her sneakers and rubs her stinky, sweaty socks on his face and forces him to smell the sweat of her feet. Lady Karo is a radical, merciless mistress and she knows how to tease a footslave. and...
  15. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Socky Smells

    SOCKY SMELLS I don't wash My socks after I work out, just for you. I crumple them up and stuff them back into My stinky shoes, to be worn the next time I work up a slick sweat in them. Why? Because I like to shove them in your face and watch you gag! And you will pay Me to let you keep My...
  16. Marc70

    // SNIFF and lick my yummy SOCKS //

    Miss Samantha lets him smell and lick her smelly socks and MEMBER PICTURES with 3000 PIXEL resolution
  17. probes31

    Extreme Toetal Footdom

    Genuine Female Foot Domination- Smelly foot and sock sniffing, smothering, hard trampling, facestanding, jumping, stomping...and much much more! Send Custom requests to
  18. Marc70

    // Sniff a STUDENT GIRLS smelly SOCKS ! //

    Medical Student Miss Vivian orders you to kiss her dirty sneakers before she remove her shoes and wants you to smell inside he shoes. When you have finished that you will be allowed to worship and smell her smelly old , unwashed socks … take a deep sniff slave … finally you will swallow her...
  19. Marc70

    // LICKING a FOOT BITCHs sweaty FEET & SOCKS ! //

    Sexy Miss Jenna wants her footslave to clean her sweaty socks and her bare feet with his tongue. She removes her chucks and rubs her stinky moist socks on his face and she wants him to lick of the sweat off her socks. She then takes off her socks and lets him clean her bare adorable soles... Do...
  20. UnderGiantessFeet

    Fitness Instructor Extremely Stinky Feet

    New amazing model - fitness instructor Lindsay. She forces slave to lick her dirty running sneakers. Yes, she often runs in these sneakers, so soles are very dirty. The perfect job for a slave. Lindsay orders to sniff her sweaty sneakers and dirty socks. And damn, her socks smell amazing! So...