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    GIANT and HORNY - free 4min sample clip!

    Giantess Yuliya wakes up on a Sunday morning feeling very horny. She says she will need a lot of sex today, but...for some reason she doesn't feel like fucking her giant boy-friend with his giant cock. She doesn't feel like she wants to play with her giant dildo either. Today, the Giantess wants...
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    The Judgement Day

    The Judgement Day - free sample :) This is My latest GTS custom request clip with the following LONG scenario :) A group of 1-inch tall people flew on Giantess Yuliya's planet to find a better place to live. They didn't know that the Giantess dislikes tiny creatures and guards her planet...
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    Giantess Yuliya

    This is a custom made video with the following plot: (please, excuse My French in this lengthy description :) ) Part 1. It is a very hot Summer day today, so Yuliya decides to get naked and have a nap in her beautiful garden. She has just gone to a Russian Delicatessen Store and bought an...