spike heels

  1. Furetto

    High Heels Massage (Hard Trampling)

    New video Fetish Obsession https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/123995/fetish-obsession When oriental fakirs lie down on a bed of nails, their body weight is distributed over a multitude of nails (and this allows the artist to experience a very bearable pain). But when a girl stands full weight...
  2. B

    Deep Throat My Heels

    Mistress Taylor St. Claire has her slave girl Gia Paloma licking her high heeled boots clean from behind a tight latex mask. The heels are extra filthy, so she has Gia shoving gagging on those heels, shoving them deep down her throat to put an extra shine on them. http://clips4sale.com/56105
  3. J

    Worship Spiked Stilettos With Fishnets

    Look at My Beautiful Spiked Stilettos. They look Like they should be rested on you, using your cock and balls as my Foot Rest. If you have a weakness for Sexy Stilettos, watching my Beautiful Feet in These Hot Heels will be hypnotic...
  4. O

    I Hate Flip Flops

    I don't like flip flops . I'm a 35 guy married to a beautiful tall (1.72m) 30yo woman in Lausanne (Switzerland). She likes wearing black boots with tall heels very much to my delight.I replaced original heels tips with metal tips on most boots and pumps. Here is what happened last year. We got...