ssbbw facesitting

  1. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Extreme Smother Queenz Updates

    Mz Juicy (605lbs) shows just how cruel and brutal she really can be when she sits full weight on her new seats Brenda(115lbs) & Leanne(105lbs) in our 20 min challenge video. Each seat gets a time of 20 mins nonstop underneath her 605lb ass. Multiple pass outs are allowed in the 20 min time...
  2. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Extreme Smother Queenz Content Alert

    Lots of new content is up on C4S and Kinkbomb. Mz Juicy sits her 600lb ass on a poor seat tied up with head in chair. Her Ass totally overtakes the seat and the chair!!! Ms Marshae makes her ESQ debut and Queen Tabby makes her ESQ debut as well.
  3. FlattenedOne

    Queen Nora Facesits a New Guy

    The crazy thing about Nora is that when she's smothering you with her monstrous ass cheeks, her belly's still below your waistline. She takes up THAT much surface area on your body. You literally are trapped. And flattened. And without breath. It can be a very scary (albeit exciting) place to...
  4. FlattenedOne

    Bobbi Jo Smashing Him into the Sofa

    This is what it's like to watch television with the infamous, wide-bodied Bobbi Jo. Sure, it's relaxing. For her. But for you... her seat? Hardly. She's so heavy and so wide, it's overwhelming the moment she gently rests her huge, soft body on top of you. You slowly feel the air rush out of your...
  5. ExtremeSmotherQueenz

    Extreme Smother Queenz Presentz Mz.Inkredible "Buried Alive"

    Mz. Inkredible (5'9 486lbs) is extremely cruel and shows absolutely no mercy to her victim (5'7 155lbs). He squirms taps and even tries to move her but has no luck. Bone breaking butt drop like you never seen before. Her victim doesn't stand a chance. You can find our videos at the links below...
  6. FlattenedOne

    Hair Brushing, Facesitting, & Butt Dropping with BigmommaKat

    There's something sexy as hell about a woman weighing over 600 lbs brushing her light, fluffy hair while she sits her massive ass squarely on someone's face full weight. Such a benign activity, such as hair brushing, while someone is literally struggling to survive just below. She also uses...
  7. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Plays with Balls on Pat

    BigmommaKat doesn't mess around. Today she wanted to play with some balls. She loves that the balls sometime hold up better then the unfortunate men who find themselves under them. Today, one ball failed while another endured. Flat Pat, though, barely made it out alive. Watch as BigmommaKat...
  8. FlattenedOne

    MIss GG & Lexi Facesitting & Applying Lotion

    Facesitting was something that GG & Lexi never tried. They were nervous and excited to give it a whirl. They firmly believed that my head would crush and I'd . To be honest... I wasn't sure if they were right or wrong... but we all decided to take the plunge. Lexi being lighter figured she'd...
  9. FlattenedOne

    Savannah Flattens & Facesits on the Board

    So I set the board up for a video. I'm always a little nervous when doing so since it's so damn hard to handle women while laying on it. Especially when they're well over 500 lbs like Savannah. I wish I had the camera rolling already to capture the conversation. Mind you, his is only her second...
  10. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Lays On, Sits On, and Drops On LBD on the Mattress

    The size difference between BigmommaKat and Little Bulldog is seriously astonishing. Not to mention the fact that BMK throws her weight around on top of his little body unabashedly. How he stays intact is beyond me. Watch as she falls back onto him full weight with her 600+ lb frame, bouncing...
  11. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Facesits Pat on the Sofa

    There are simply no words to explain the terror of totally giving full control to a 600 lb woman who's hell bent on seeing how long you can take her full weight on your face. Deep down you realize that there's no moving her if you need a break and she refuses to budge. Pat's pushed to his limits...
  12. FlattenedOne

    630 lb Juicy & 260 lb Thick on the Bed

    Here's another instant classic. It's hard to go wrong when the 630 lb Juicy teams up with her sister, Thick. In this video you'll see them both flatten Matt in an array of positions and angles. This video really doesn't need a description... the pics and preview should speak for themselves...
  13. TheBSSG

    Squatting Butt Drops!

    In this vid I really go to town and make my slave MINE! My pleasure and amusement :p I start by showing off my power with squats, tormenting him with my big ass lowering up and down near his face before a Big Butt Drop :D after I've had my amusement I start having my pleasure when I plant myself...
  14. FlattenedOne

    600 lb Hard Surface Facesitting with BigmommaKat

    One of the hardest places to survive on this planet would have to be under the ass of a 600 lb woman for prolonged periods of time. Especially when they derive pleasure from your suffering. Pat's a tough guy but he is pushed well beyond his limits a number of times in this video. As for...
  15. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Facesits & Smothers Herman

    BBW full weight facesitting at it's finest right here! This video is all about the enveloping head popping pressure of BigmommaKat's powerful ass! Herman doesn't stand a chance... once the lights go out, they're out until BigmommaKat says so! She makes a 3 person sofa look like a throne just...
  16. FlattenedOne

    BigmommaKat Smothers & Drops 130 lb Little Bulldog

    BigmommaKat found a new seat to play with and this time he's only a tiny thing. She aptly called him Little Bulldog due to how small he actually is compared to the insane amount of pressure he's able to handle. This guy's only 5'3 and 130 lbs! Next to BMK's 600 lbs, that's an insane weight...
  17. B

    Buried in Ass 10

    Mistress sinclair means business she suffocates her slave with her massive ebony ass !
  18. B

    VivaLaValerie has her 450lb Ass Worshipped with a Little Facesitting on the Side!

    Hi You Ass Sniffers!! My lovely friend, Viva La Valerie has added more facesitting/ass worship content to her website In this entertaining video, the Booty Bandit worships her 80+ inches of ass and once he's done worshipping her, she uses him as a human chair and...