1. P

    Heaviest head trample?

    Hello community, I would love to know how much weight, as maximum have you experienced with head trampling. In my case, my best was two girls, having a combined weight of 130kg standing barefoot on my head at the same time. It was really wonderful, I could feel a nice pressure on my skull, and...
  2. miami_fa

    The camera guy

    Hi again, trying a new story idea and format. In theory new additions can come in to form of new victims or new punishers. Written from the perspective of the camera guy. The Camera Guy By: Miami_fa One of the local drug dealers in my apartment complex had a unique way of making extra money...
  3. O

    Ms superdome is not done smothering the burglar

    As you have ignored ; A polite request followed by a polite reminder & then a FINAL REMINDER to add a “BANNER” link back to here your content will be deleted until you provide the requested BANNER link. (moderator)
  4. CoriiSiren

    Now You See Him ... 2 Girl SQUASH

    Download "Now You See Him" and more on your favorite sites! Clips4Sale - Fetish Clips4Sale - Vanilla "ish" Clips4Sale - Femdom Manyvids Custom videos are available. Fetish clips (usually) take priority! Email me at SnapChat: CoriiSirenFree (available upgrade to...
  5. B

    Scheduling Private Sessions in Chicago w/ Malice in Dec

    Malice is currently booking sessions in Chicago for December 8th-9th, Dates are subject to change. For more details email
  6. MissMinaBBW

    Too Fat For My Fav Size 24 Jeans

    Download Too Fat For My Fav Size 24 Jeans at your fav clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids I Want Clips Or get access to this video & over 314 videos instantly with a ManyVids video membership. My videos are always downloadable. Never streaming. I update almost daily. with new exclusive high...
  7. H

    Caged for SSBBW Goddess Ivy Davenport

    Goddess Ivy has you right where she wants you, wearing pretty lingerie and your cute little cock all locked up in a pretty pink cage! Goddess Ivy has the keys, and playing games with her sissy subs is always too much fun for her to deny herself. She teases you about how she was going to unlock...
  8. miami_fa

    Cow-Tipping (SSBBW Smother)

    SSBBW smother story, you've been warned... :) Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. Cow-Tipping By: Miami_FA We ran as fast as we could, trying not to look back. We reached a wall and I quickly leaped up and over. I looked back and didn’t see Ted. I climb back to the top of the wall and...
  9. G

    New content from GEARHEADTOOL CHECK IT OUT!

    The Lift and Carry Spirit is ALIVE AND WELL!! Still looking for SOLID women built enough to really challenge me. I know I almost had the ultimate match about 4 years ago. Well. HERE IS WHAT'S NEW!!! SSBBW Juicy Jazmynne and Applebomb WEIGH IN! From last week: PLUS: Please use this...
  10. TheBSSG

    2k!? Thank you guys for everything

    Blast from the past, I know :p been around almost 7 years, been quiet for the last few years and stopping filming for you guys in 2016. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who keep managing to find us and enjoy our clips. Today is the 2,500th day of the store, and we hit 2000 sales...
  11. B

    Blonde Bombshell Jamie Bound & MaliceBBW are doing customs together

    Hey guys we're getting together again soon to make some video magic! There is easily a 200 lbs and height difference between these two ladies. Contact Malice via email @ for more details on how to order your very own custom. Check out their videos currently at...
  12. M

    GEARHEADTOOL now has a CLIPSTORE! Link inside

    Hello MDFers! I am GEARHEADTOOL and my CLIPSTORE is now open!!! Will likely have some NEW content after Thanksgiving, as well!!! :D Go check MEOWT: And here are links to my 5 top-selling clips, though I invite you to check them ALL out: :D [ Links: <a...
  13. D

    Rollier than-thou

    New photo update is in the members area at xoxo
  14. B

    Malice looking to schedule sessions from OH To FL Oct 17'

    Malice is thinking of going to Florida towards the end of Oct/Early Nov. If you are along the way and would like a session reserve your session date today.
  15. B

    Want a safe, enjoyable session w/ Ivy Davenport & MaliceBBW

    We offer a variety of domination and fetish sessions including: Squashing / Smothering Worship - Fat, Feet, Belly, Ass, Etc. Feederism - Male Feedee / Female Feeder ONLY Face Sitting Humiliation Feminization and Cross Dressing Bear Hugs Lift and Carry - Goddess Malice Only Sensual...
  16. FlattenedOne

    Queen Nora's First Butt Drops & Flops

    It's rare that you find a 600 lb woman who actually goes out of her way to tell you that she WANTS to jump on you. And she wants to stand on you. And that's just the kind of woman Nora is. Which is wildly sexy. But insanely scary, too. In this video you'll see her feel out drops and flops for...
  17. B

    SSBBWs Ivy & Malice are coming to Chicago late march/early april Sessions available

    If you would like to book a session contact us through Please take a look at our rules. Not for the faint of heart.
  18. TheBSSG

    Double Update

    We found 2 last videos we filmed that you can enjoy before 2016 comes to an end. Have a happy new year :) Clip: Underwater Belly and Ass Price: $3.99 Size: 183 MB Length: 3 minutes Description: Witness The BSSG's Rib Breaking Belly and Sternum Shattering...
  19. D

    Belly Drops + Feeding

    So many new clips posted at so stop by and check them out!
  20. L

    Bobby's Reward

    Bobby handled the board of torture so well that Luna rewards him with more time on the couch. Couches are so comfortable, but not with 500 plus lbs pressing you deeply into the couch keeping you from getting air. Add in the bouncing that steals what little air you managed to get and it turns...