stiletto heels

  1. Furetto

    Mozzarella under my Stiletto Heels (Fetish Obsession for food crushing)

    Video available at Everybody knows and loves the Italian mozzarella, but what am I gonna do with it? Of course, I'm going to crush it under my stiletto heels! If you love to see black stiletto heels while sticking into this perfect white...
  2. MadameSays

    MADAME SAYS - 7 inch Stiletto Trample

    Slave picked out My super high platform stilettos with the 7inch heel for Me to trample him in. I shot this from two cameras and have placed My iPhone footage from My POV within some of the video so you can see what I am doing to his chest, how hard I am pressing and the marks I am making as...
  3. M

    Slapped Silly by Mistress Alicia's cousin's FeeT

    Mistress Alicia's cousin Goddess Olivia is in town for a visit and ready to abuse Her slave. Goddess Olivia has beautiful High Arched Feet, and black silky thigh high stockings. She has Her slave tied down and helpless as She forces him to Smell, Kiss, and get Slapped Silly By Her Beautiful...
  4. M

    Black Domina in Latex Catsuit

    Happy Latex Week everybody!!! Am celebrating with 2 of my favorite images! 1 I am in a latex catsuit, and in the 2nd my rubber slave is in a red latex catsuit. Love the contrasts, love the rubber :rainfro:
  5. M

    New Free Foot & Leg Fetish Pics of Julie Simone!

    18 New Free Gallery pic of Amazon Goddess and busty Brunette, Julie Simone doing foot and leg fetish, wearing vinatge lingerie, high heels, garter belt and stocking and showing of her beautiful painted red toe nails! Great for Foot slaves and fetishists!
  6. G

    Tsk..Tsk... Another Human Carpet DESTROYED! WARNING XXXTREME CRUELTY!

    Tsk..Tsk... Another Human Carpet DESTROYED! WARNING XXXTREME CRUELTY! FREE 5 min clip Free clip Below I've recently retired my human RUG and looking for new carpets to tread. Watch the example where I trample it, cave IT's fucking back in with my stilettos as IT begs for mercy. I bet next...
  7. M

    Stiletto trampling

    Ice tramples a slave boy in her kitchen with brand new stiletto heels. For more like this go to
  8. M

    Gwen tramples and shover her heels in slaves foot.

    Gwen forces her lowly slave to kiss her foot then she tramples him and shoves her heels into his mouth. For daily updates go to