1. Nicolas Masoch

    Poll on the 1st woman to step on Barry in "Punishing Prominent Men"

    Well, the poll closed for the "Punishing Prominent Men" post, with stilettos being the most popular footwear, and square-heeled pumps being second. However, when it comes to who will trample Barry first, I got one comment saying the college president, and one saying the dean. Thus, I am going to...
  2. Nicolas Masoch

    Poll on the Shoes of the Women to Trample Barry in "Punishing Prominent Men"

    In my latest installment of "Punishing Prominent Men", frat boy and convicted predator was tied to the floor at a women's university to be trampled by the students, faculty, and staff all day. The post ended with the dean and college president deciding to trample Barry before the start of the...
  3. MissMinaBBW

    BBW Big Leg Crossing Dangling & Farting In Short Shorts

    Download my Leg Crossing Dangling & Farting In Short Shorts at your fav clip sites: GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips Do you love thick bare bbw legs & feet in high heels? I wear a pair of short skin tight shorts, white ribbed tank top with no bra & sit...
  4. Gina

    Found this Story from Few Years Back

    Hi, I wrote this story about an X boyfriend who was an asshole. OK.... these were during my violent wild writing days..... I have a few good stories like this left. I can't find the rest of it.....yet. Enjoy Spikingly, Gina Story Killer Spike Heels - Raymond Gina now pushed Raymond’s...
  5. MadameSays

    MADAME SAYS - 7 inch Stiletto Trample

    Slave picked out My super high platform stilettos with the 7inch heel for Me to trample him in. I shot this from two cameras and have placed My iPhone footage from My POV within some of the video so you can see what I am doing to his chest, how hard I am pressing and the marks I am making as...
  6. M

    Helping out in a shoe store

    I am always fascinated by all the many beautiful sexy female shoes when I am walking through a shoe store. Especially female shoes with heels gain my attraction. Only pretty women with nice butts wearing those shoe can top that. One day I was walking through a shoe store just before the...
  7. D


    WARNING: THE MISTRESS IN THIS POST IS TRANSGENDERED. IF THIS IS OFFENSIVE TO YOU, THEN DO NOT PROCEED THROUGH THIS THREAD. Hello to My Forum friends. I wanted to share some stills and even a GIF file(if it works) from some of the productions I have been posting to My Clip Store. I hope...
  8. M

    Stiletto trampling

    Ice tramples a slave boy in her kitchen with brand new stiletto heels. For more like this go to
  9. MistressRouge

    Vicious Vinyl Vamp - Stiletto Boot CBT Stamp.

    Vicious Vinyl Vamp - Part One - New Vinyl & Inched Stiletto Boot Stamp. Mistress Roug'e, dressed in a glossy vinyl catsuit, her new vinyl 7 inched heeled stiletto ankle boots, and a very tight corset, in a vicious, dominant mood as always. Mistress invited her CBT slave locked balls, for an...