stinky farts

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    can i star in your facefarting video?

    hi i am a very nice looking submisive white male slave age 30 and seen a few pro doms in the past for very fun intense facefarting sessions and looking for any sexy gassy mistresses who need a nice looking slave to make a video with you or even any type of amatures also looking to do the same i...
  2. M

    Several farts from stormy-zip file easy to exstract

    Hi there,This video is several farts Taken from som of my videos and put togeather to make on video,Its a Fart sampler ;) Tad I Ziped it on my Apple like the Scratch and sniff one I posted,so you should be able to view this one :) Make sure to check out my Store I have a Awesome Slideshow on...