stocking fetish

  1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Hello friends and fans I added new clips and have News !

    Hey guys and gals, I been busy making videos again. I feel so much younger then I did 5 years ago! It is wonderful to be able to make sexy videos again for my fans ! I added new content see below! I been really busy trying to get my garage set up to make more adult videos especially Bdsm...
  2. Furetto

    Stinky Stockings Domination & Femdom POV (Fetish Obsession)

    Trampling in Stockings POV video available at Fetish Obsession This trampling POV session is for nylon lovers. I wear some stockings that I never washed. They have been used so many times when I had to wear formal clothes and today I...
  3. Furetto

    Lady Witch Trampling POV (Fetish Obsession)

    New Video at Fetish Obsession store In this funny trampling POV session I wear some nice black fishnet stockings that are a gift from a tranny friend of mine. The interesting fact is that they are sooooo smelly and they give to my feet a...
  4. L

    Randy Moore - shoe dangling

    . Enjoy the sublime foot of Randy Moore dangling her open-toed shoe, from... The Reading of your Will * Cheers, Lawrence .
  5. M

    Trampling and Kicking By Mistress Alicia

    Mistress Alicia abuses her slave by showing him what it's like to be Her floor. She steps on him, jumps on him, kicks him in the face and tramples all over him. This sexy Goddess knows that any slave would be so fortunate to be under her feet and under Her beautiful body and She completely takes...
  6. M

    Ashley Sinclair Uses Cock To Cum * Ashley Sinclair is here and she is going to use my foot bitch cock to cum. I hold up up his cock and give to Ashley to use as her plaything. Ashley takes his cock and inserts it into her tight pussy. Ashley rides the cock showing off her perfect ass. Ashley turns over...
  7. E

    Be Careful What You Wish For...

    This slave has been begging to get under Ms. Elena's ass and near her gorgeous stockings. Silly boy didn't think to be careful with his with his words. Ms. Elena holds him in place by trapping his face under the foot stool She sits on while she uses her feet clad in red cuban-heeled stockings to...
  8. E

    Earn My Stockings - POV

    Before you can get anywhere near Ms. Elena's stocking you are going to have to earned the privilege. She is going to let you look up and down her nude, back-seamed, lace-top stockings from every angle so you know what you are working toward. Now available on My clip store!
  9. F

    Love those Socks Nylons and Stockings!

    I have found a new appreciation for goddesses doing whatever they want to while wearing socks and sexy nylon stockings. If you love this style as do I, here would be a good place for showing it. I contribute with some pics to start off, taken from "Pretty White Socks Cock and Ball...
  10. E

    "Discussing My Stockings In Bed - POV"

    Ms. Elena loves stockings. She is sitting on her bed in a bullet bra, garter belt and cuban-heeled stockings talking about her love of fine hosiery. She'll stretch out her legs to show off every angle of those long legs. Now available on!
  11. B

    Should I have to pay to be with a Dominatrix?

    Is paying the only way to get teased properly and have a genuine face sitting or queening experience. Surely I can’t be the only guy out there who has wrestled with this question? By the way this is not a moral question for me it has more to do with mutual pleasure. My background is that of a...
  12. M

    James Bond, RIP -- a femme fatale tribute

    In the spirit of true enjoyment of the whole Bond Schtick -- which includes the bon mot, the tongue-in-cheek, and the twist of lemon -- I thought other Bond fans might enjoy this tribute clip, placed on YouTube by a lovely would-be Bond Girl, the female assassin Valentine DeVille: The...