stomach trampling

  1. Furetto

    Trampling Jumping Gym (with italian muscular girl)

    Video available here Alessia spends a lot of time in doing gym workouts, weights, cycling: «Fitness» is the word she prefers! After two years of hard training, she starts being fulfilled with the results she reached: now Alessia has a...
  2. Furetto

    The Sofa Dance (let's trample and dance on the human floor!)

    video available here After Lambada Dance, Macarena, Waka Waka and Kuduro Dance, it's time to find a new way to have fun. What's the best (and craziest) dance of the moment? Obviously, the Sofa Dance. So, go wild with it! Here's what you...
  3. Furetto

    I Will Dance On You (Fetish Obsession for trampling and foot domination)

    Video available at People who follow us with affection and attention know exactly how Karate Kiki is not only a great karateka, but also an excellent dancer. In this video she shows her skills, dancing barefeet on Fakir Mask's belly for six consecutive minutes. A sexy trampling performance...
  4. Furetto

    Four Shades of Trampling (Barefeet, Slippers, Socks and Heavy Boots Trampling)

    Video available at Trampling has many shades. How many body parts can be trampled with greater enjoyment and pain? Several ones! Are trampling games necessarily connected to notions of submission/domination roles? Not in all cases...
  5. Furetto

    We Will Trample All Over You (two italian young mistresses)

    Video available at The Gorgeous Roberta (new Fetish & Bdsm Milano star and probably the cutest girl on earth!) is talking with her best friend Giadina (black belt in taekwondo) about the possible uses of the poor old human carpet...
  6. Furetto

    stomach pain and abs bruises after Stomach Demolition (Trampling and much more)

    I don't know if you love to push your limits and have your body really sore after a trampling-beatdown session.., I simply love to see red bruises on my body... please, take a look a this photo taken from 1 hour videos :) My foot domination and trampling store is Stomach Demolition...
  7. Furetto

    Karate Kiki Jumps Hard (High Jumps and Stomach Demolition)

    Video available at Karate Kiki loves to test the stamina of her maso-slave. Here she leaves her kimono and for this occasion she wears - this is very unusual for her - a sexy black top enhanced by a pair of military short pants. Wearing...
  8. Furetto

    Public Trampling and Hard Jumping in a park (Milano, Italy)

    Video available at This is one of the best video I've ever made, not because of the quality of the shots (unfortunately we were in the hands of a non professional cameraman, damn!), but for the difficulty of the performance and the...
  9. Furetto

    Abs Of Steel Challenge 2 (Stomach Demolition)

    New Video from Stomach Demolition This is the second episode of the so-called ''Abs of Steel Challenge'', in which the challengers beat to be able to bear Giadina's heavy weight for over six consecutive minutes always on the same body part, of course...
  10. fpminnyc

    'Tis The Season For No Reason... A Few Trample Sample Clips For All To Preview Free

    Haven't posted on here in a long time, so happy holidays to all by enjoying my free foot & trample fetish sample clips dear friends: