1. B

    What's your favorite scat story? 2018 edition

    so as the title suggest i'd like to know what everyone's favorite scat story is. for the record it can be something old if you feel it's well written. for me i think the best one is "stuck at the beach" specifically the version on closetfetisheists site...
  2. R

    Check my blog for giantesses and princkazons stories!

    If you like stories about giantesses or princkazons domination on smaller males check my blog: There are facesitting scenes in almost all of my tales too!! Hope you dig my stuff!! Comments welcome, Cheers!!
  3. R

    Giantess butt stories!!!

    Hi everyone!! please check my blog for giantesses and princkazons stories! Hope you like my stuff Cheers!!!
  4. G

    Face sitting by a superior/talented woman?

    I posted a similar question in the trample section, but any stories about being facesat by someone who was either: Intellectually smarter than you, Richer through family means or their own. Athletically superior to you in some way including wrestling Unwilling to have normal sex with you but...
  5. G

    Foot kissing and superiority

    Have any of you ever kissed a woman's foot who was really superior to you in one or more significant ways? 1. either richer (self-earned or family) 2. smarter intellectually 3. More athletic--better than you in a specific sport or able to wrestle you down. 4. Maybe not superior but open...
  6. E

    Links To Toilet Slavery Stories

    links to good sites Enjoy:rainfro:
  7. D

    Some toilet slavery stories at

    Hi everyone I have bin googleing for some toilet slavery stories and have found some good ones at (where are not pictures or videos at any of the links. So sould be OK to post) First some "short" stories: A Bad Dream Became Worst...
  8. D

    Request: stories from

    Hi everyone Does anybody have some of the stories from I have tried to e-mail the site owner about their Receive a Full Length Femdom Story campaign. But no one answers'. :sadcry: It looks like the newest contents are from 2007, so the site may be dead now. I can...
  9. Closet Fetishist

    Fart Fetish Stories by Closet Fetishist

    Just wanted to do a little self-promotion for those who do not know of me; I am the original Closet Fetishist and I've had my site going for about three years now, writing fart fetish stories for the masses. So, if you haven't checked out my stuff and have no idea who I am...I suggest you click...
  10. A

    Looking For Stories

    i've been facisnated and was aroused by the "ladder" story in this forum, were a friend was helping his other friend move and she fell off a ladder and landed on his head without knowing, particualr situations the victim would be accidently smothered by the facesitter who did'nt know she was...