1. C

    X7P3 Gary

    X-7-P-3 Gary - - - Part 1 Lucy had brought Gary along with her; he was her fellow student, and they also shared an appartment. They entered Judith's house, and took off their outdoor shoes in the antechamber. Judith pointed at the third door on the right side of her hallway: "My special...
  2. M

    Looking for story called "Lifetime slavery in China(Chengdu)

    I read a story long time ago about a guy who becomes servant of her own immediate family and then goes to place called Chengdu in China where he becomes human horse who only eats the shit of their master. I tried searching a lot but didn't get on the internet.
  3. Isaacnathan

    Epic new facesitting story. Must read. Excerpt from my book

    Full book can be read for free on under the title "faceless" by author Isaac Nathan Chapter 28 As we enter the house together and remove our shoes on a rug by the door she leads me through a nicely decorated interior that seems to favor the theme of hunting and wildlife. There is...
  4. T

    Darkest Desires (A Femdom Short Story)

    This is my first erotica I'v ever released. Originally the plan was to sell it on Amazon as I have with other non erotic short stories. I decided to release it on here for everyone to read for free instead in the hopes to get some feed back, and maybe learn something. Please let me know what...
  5. F


    It had been a fun night like we used to have more often, but they were now more of a once or twice a year thing. We were a bunch of old friends now in our late twenties and responsibilities and distance made it difficult to organize get-togethers more often. That night, we met at one of my...
  6. Sauur

    Poor Video Slave

    The inspiration of this story comes from watching the Brazilian Lezdom videos. I am in no way suggesting this is what actually happens in their films I am just letting my imagination run wild. Let me know what you think of the first part! Prologue Sophia writhed and thrashed underneath...
  7. Burton156

    [Histoire] Sortie en boite (hard trampling, fiction)

    Bon, je suis victime du syndrome de la page blanche, autant pour "La nièce" que pour "Le concours" (Même si pour cette dernière histoire, j'ai un fil défini). Alors afin de vous faire patienter, voici une des histoires que j'ai écrit il y a quelques temps, à l'origine pour m'entrainer...
  8. Closet Fetishist

    Looking to Start a Fart Domination Clip Store

    So I've been writing fart torture stories for about ten years and I've been a filmmaker for also about ten years so I wanted to combine those elements to try to make a unique, fart fetish clip store with a greater focus on more cinematic camera work and storytelling. I've been working on...
  9. J

    Pearl Diving School

    Pearl Diving School He had newly enrolled at the prestigious Koikichi Mikimoto Pearl Diving school and he was about to be evaluated by the head mistress, Madame Shigeko Okuda. He nervously shifted around on the edge of the queen-sized bed in the otherwise empty evaluation room. Suddenly, the...
  10. G

    Looking for story

    Hi friends, I look for the story "Family slave" by Bayard. I have only several parts of it but not the full version. Is someone has the full version please?
  11. G

    Searching For a Story...

    heels are a turn off, i like girly girls dominating men... anybody got a story or somethin'? A clip?
  12. A

    Sisters' New Toilet

    SISTERS’ NEW TOILET By Astrall Note from author: Hey guys. This is my first story. It is not yet complete (it's a work in progress), but I hope to finish it in the coming week or two. It is a human toilet story of which I am posting Part 1. I hope you like it or at least you don't find it...
  13. Madame Femdom

    Last Orgasm Serum stories

    Hello all, I open this thread to discuss about a fetish I write about. The Last Orgasm serum. Take a look at my blog The place where I write stories about this extreme yet kinky and beautiful fetish. At this moment there is only one story but soon, more...
  14. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Have You missed me? I Been abstent for a while Let me tell you what has been

    Happening in my life! First I was very ill the first 3 months of this year. One of meds was making me bleed in my stomach causing extremely low blood iron which made me have vertigo, weakness, shortness of breath and be tired all of the time! Then My Elderly Husband injured his hand on the...
  15. P

    my beautiful story trampling clips with real history

    Hello, I'll tell you my story with trampling videos I took with my phone, so you have scenes in pictures So it's coming back from work I I meet two beautiful hitchhiker 18 around, I let her into my car, a French blonde with heeled boots and a Moroccan with light summer shoes heel . when...
  16. E

    Mistress Natasha, Part One

    At school, Clarissa was the type who just sort of blended in with the crowds. As she walked across campus or sat in a classroom, nobody paid particular attention to her. That’s not to say she wasn’t attractive, by any means, but the way she carried herself kept her from being noticed. But that...
  17. D

    Some toilet slavery stories at

    Hi everyone I have bin googleing for some toilet slavery stories and have found some good ones at (where are not pictures or videos at any of the links. So sould be OK to post) First some "short" stories: A Bad Dream Became Worst...
  18. D

    Stuck at the Beach

    Disclaimer: This story is an extended version of the story “Beach Facesitting Story (unwilling submissive pov)” posted at by fcest132 I found this story to have a good potential so I just have to extend it. (fcest132 I hope you...
  19. andybis

    Nuovo racconto: l'uffcio di Giulia

    Arieccoci con un nuovo racconto in una sola parte, spero che gradiate, stavolta ho voluto cambiare un po'..come dire...prospettiva :D Buona lettura. Andy E’ venerdì, la settimana è stata lunga, ma il weekend è ormai alle porte e oggi mi sento finalmente di buon umore. - Buongiorno...
  20. D

    Summer Fantasy - Part 1

    The cool evening air seeped in through the cracked windows of his taxi. It was nice to feel the breeze; it calmed his nerves. Was he really doing this? He could feel a little flutter in his stomach as it tensed. It wasn't too late to turn around, but he had been thinking of this for a long...