1. highboots

    Suck My Boots

    Rita rides on her slave to the room where she sits down on the table and orders him to lick soles of her boots. She sticks her boots into his mouth too and he has to suck them. In the end she stands on the table and she commands him to lick heels of her shiny boots. Then she uses him as a...
  2. highboots

    Beneath Rita's Boots

    Rita takes a seat on the sofa and commands her slave to take care of her knee high boots. Later he has to suck long heels of her boots as well. In the end she makes herself comfortable and puts her boots on his face
  3. M

    Atheena gets her dirty foot sucked by Liz

    Atheena gets her dirty foot sucked by Liz. She's wearing black sneakers and then she takes them off and gets her toes and heels sucked. Check out more pictures at
  4. M

    Shiloh tramples

    Check out Shiloh trample in flip flops. For more pictures go to Let me know what you think. Thanks :2guns: