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    MZ BBW's Femdom Works

    Hello A/all, Those of Y/you that know Me, know that I have always believed in Female Supremacy and always will. Here is the link to My FemDom works on Lulu. Be sure to check out all of My works including My newest one "Ode To A Slave."
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    My FemDom Works

    Hello A/all, Here is a link to My FemDom works on Lulu. This includes My most recent work titled "Ode To A Slave" which does have a very powerful ending. Be sure to check them all out! Female Supremacy forever, MZ BBW
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    Female Supremacy is the Natural Order

    Hello A/all, I am MZ BBW and I have always seen Female Supremacy as the natural order of life itself! I truly believe that Woman is the highest form of life and that man belongs at Her feet as Her obedient slave. She has every right in the world to own him as Her property. man must accept...