1. S

    DIET & ETIQUETTE Brutal Disciplinary Action by LATIN QUEEN OF FEM DOM

    Mistress Delilah’s VIPER TONGUE -abused me verbally almost nonstop. Virtually everything she said was painfully true. At one point she cling wrapped me and hoisted me up with a gag stretching from my mouth to the back of my head (being careful not to hang me by the neck) forcing me to my tip...
  2. MistressRouge

    Cruel Cigarrette.

    Added to my Clips4sale Store & My Members Site :) With free previews. CRUEL CIGARETTE. Leather Mistress Roug'e head to toe in Dominant leather, aswell as smoking with her long opera black leather gloves. Mistress has her slave fanny TV, bound in bondage at her suspension bondage sack...
  3. MistressRouge

    Tickled silly - tickle torture clip.

    Added to my Clips4sale Store, with free preview. TICKLED SILLY - TICKLE TORTURE. Mistress Roug'e has her slave, suspended, leg spreaders applied and also leather arm binders, awaiting his Tickle Torture. Mistress laughs, smiles and giggles as she tickles her slave to distraction, a fun...