1. JulieSimone

    Zentai Pallet Wrap Suspension Femdom Male Bondage

    Julie Simone wraps layer upon layer of pallet wrap on Her zentai slave's body before pulling him up into a full body suspension. She then leaves him hanging for the night. Will the pallet wrap hold him?
  2. JulieSimone

    Suspended Hogtie Zentai Femdom Bondage OnScreen Tying

    Suspended Hogtie Zentai Femdom Bondage OnScreen Tying RopeMistress Julie Simone binds a slave wearing a zentai suit into a suspended hogtie. Harness gag. On screen tying. Julie starts off in a long robe, then strips down to thigh high boots and an underbust velvet corset that shows off Her...
  3. JulieSimone

    Suspended Paddling

    Julie Simone has slave fluffykins suspended with rope in a hood that covers his eyes and a big ball gag to muffle his moans. The sadistic Mistress uses a hard wooden paddle on his bottom, stomach, thighs and upper arms, then leaves him alone, hanging and helpless. Julie wears leggings, a...
  4. M

    Kidnapped electrician , suspended and forced to be slave!

    An electrician is called by Mistress Cybil B. Troy to fix an outlet. When he arrives, Cybill is dressed in a clear vinyl skirt and top and teases him with her beautiful ass and legs. In the background Her leather gimp squirms helplessly, bound in leather arm binders, hood and with weights and...
  5. M

    Rubber Studio - Felix, the not-so-lucky slave

    Felix the "Not-So-Lucky" slave Felix “The Lucky Slave,” was not so lucky today after he was bound in a leather body bag by smoking hot, latex-clad, Mistress Julie Simone and left to hang in the Suspension Room by actual garage springs. His body was suspended in midair. Deciding to make use...
  6. Y

    Facesitting in the Air

    How to combine male abuse, facesitting in jeans and swinging? Facesit a human swing! Hold it, slave! I am getting comfortable here so I can enjoy My ride. A lot of pressure on your face? Be strong, show your devotion to My sexy blue jean shorts."Human Swing Facesitting" is playing at Erotica...
  7. MistressRouge

    Sadistic military mistress - cbt nettles & caning.

    Added to my Clips4Sale Store, with free previews :) SADISTIC MILITARY MISTRESS - CBT NETTLES & CANING. Military Mistress, dons her military uniform, leather boots, and new white leather gloves. Military Mistress has slave locked balls, at her brand new SUSPENSION SACK, suspended from the...