sweat& smell fetish

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    Sock Fetish Domination & Humiliation

    Dirty Sock Sniffer Home from the gym I force My Foot Boy to lick my sweaty stinky feet but first he must sniff my dirty gym shoes. I slip off my shoe and force it onto his nose. Smothering his face.. He sniffs deep like a good little foot sniffer. I push my sweaty socks on his face. Sniffing...
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    Lick the Stink from My Shoes!

    After a long day of walking around the city in black ballet flats Ms. Elena's feet have worked up quite a sweat and her shoes, quite a stink. To keep Her shoes smelling fresh as daisies Ms. Elena, dressed in tight jeans and a sweater, forces Her slave to lick them clean. She shoves his face into...
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    Seattle foot slave?

    anyone near Seattle wanting to smell or lick my feet? Goddess Rene's foot store
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    Sweaty Armpit Slave

    I am working out and see you sneaking at Me. I approach you and ask what you are starring at. As I am fixing My messy after-run hair, I catch your eyes looking at the wet spot on My T-shirt under the armpits. I see you are an armpit guy, aren't you? Well, I have a problem with men starring at My...
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    Sunday workout foot cleaner

    Latest update at Erotica Salon is dedicated to Foot Fetish - you will be sniffing on My worn socks, licking the sweat off My dirty feet, sucking on My sweaty toes, and biting on the salty soles. Check out ffree sample here!