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    Vacation Trample Facestanding

    My newest update on SweetCherryFeet is a facestanding special... Sucks the site went down over the weekend, I thought it'd be perfect for the holiday and everyone traveling. My clips is called, Vacation Trample Facestanding. I use My foot tool's face as My pedestal while on vacation...
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    Double Domme Pedicure Pampering

    I've updated My members site with a new picture set! I went to San Francisco, California with Goddess Olivia Rose and My footboy treated Us to pedicures....We also asked to have Our picture taken while getting pampered so check out the hot sets of Our soapy feet, painted toes, and soft silky...
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    An Oldie, but a GOODIE

    This is a set of photos taken a couple years back...solebro is My victim here (lol!) and I'm the referee calling ALL of the SHOTS....let's just pretend he's My touchDOWN! hahaha http://www.sweetcherryfeet.com/2011/05/17/philly-referee-trample/ I updated My membership website with this...