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    A message to the members (especially female members) who are skilled in taekwondo

    Hi, I have an extreme and masochistic desire and I seek information, but I don't want to expose here my desire due to a strong textual content, I don't want to shock who is sensible. However, are there here members (especially female members) skilled in taekwondo with a sadistic mind (and who...
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    The most awesome videogame KICKS AT YOUR FACE

    Check this images, she kicks you in your face mercilessly until defeat you!!! And finally she finish you: You can download this game freely here: http://martinxmanga.110mb.com :pbbbbblt:
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    Illustrated stories about barefooted karate girls

    Hello friends here is a site where you can find comic strips of karate girls (all barefooted fights, some mixed fights... yes I know many of you already knows this site but others not). All the girls are kicking mercilessly and barefooted: http://martinxmanga.110mb.com/ I hope you enjoy...