thick ass

  1. disko1

    Goddess Chow Fun

    :whip: This is the very first time I sat on someone’s face; at least on video that is. Years ago a friend of mine was always complementing me on how sexy my body was. He used to always tell me how much he loved my big fat Asian butt. He used to offer me money to sit on his face, so I...
  2. S

    Big Butt GIANTESS crushes toy trainstation!!

    Hi@all, did another funny BUTT CRUSH Session some days ago. Here are some preview-pics! Imagine you'd be the one gettin' crushed under my fat and heavy Ass!! :bugeyes::bugeyes: Whole clip is availablae in my store now!!
  3. S

    Steht jemand auf etwas DICKERE Hintern hier?

    Hi, viele kennen mich wohl bereits. Wer mich nicht kennt Ich bin Sarah, hab vor Jahren meine Neigung zu diversen Fetischspielarten wie Dollcrush, Buttcrush, Facesitting, Foodcrush entdeckt. Nun möchte ich kurz wissen ob es noch Männer gibt, die auf etwas DICKERE Hinterteile und proppere Bodies...
  4. S

    Sarah BIG Butts - new Strap-on Teaser ;)

    Watch me, sexy dressed with nice high heels and black overknees. I was in a funny mood so I took my brandnew- shiny dildo, attached it to my strap-on and had some fun imagining I would be a horny guy ,-) 1280x720p Videoclip!! Find this and almost 3 0 0 Fat Ass Fetish Clips here
  5. S

    Big Butt Girl with strap-on lashes and plugs her female, infllatable doll

    HI there, in my latest clip release I wear a strap-on penis and use a lash to ensure that the female inflatable doll I used to satisfy my pleasures follows my command. I splashed that helpless little thing and used its orifices to penetrate. Some kind of cruelty came up inside me, I splashed her...