throat trample

  1. S

    Voted 2018 Top Trampler, Stella Liberty, Footnight International

    Hey guys! Footnight International recently voted me 2018 Top Trampler and I wanted to share ashort reel with you of some of the trampling clips that I have done. Check them out! I am also available for in person trampling sessions in Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, DC and SF, with the occasional...
  2. F

    One of the MOST BRUTAL videos EVER of Goddess September!

    She really messed up my face and throat good this time :-)
  3. D

    NEW CLIP - Mistress Fox meciless throat trample beyond passout sign up for membership here to watch all clips for cheap Hi guys, I decided to start a separate thread to get feedback on my throat trampling clips so it's easier for people to see the post without flipping through pages on my...
  4. D

    flats on throat

    When my goddess forget, who lay under her - it can be she stand sometimes fullweight with on leg on her floormats throat bitterness with her worn flats
  5. D

    how deep can heels sink

    i will test my floormat today how deep can heels sinkin......his belly ist my best testarea i hear any voices under me, but i have no interest of them his heelmarks are my sign, this floormat is my own here a short vid for you: click here
  6. P

    ProjektXdom: our first trampling video

    Even if we've taken longer time then expected, we finaly published our first video about trampling. Here there is a short promo: If do you like throat stepping as I do, you'll enjoy watching our clips. :) BYE exViaggiatore
  7. ausguy25

    [ SEVERE Throat and Face trample ]

    FREE PREVIEW HERE: Starring Princess Sweet Cherry Feet and TRFAN! Princess tramples the absolute HELL out of TRFAN's face and throat! Not for the faint of heart, 9 minutes long straight through, no cuts...