1. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Damsel in Distress Brittney is lovely in her red high heels but that doesnt stop her from

    being Tickled by ME LOL Your Sexy BBW Domme come by see what is new or new to you! MY studio
  2. Boston Foot Parties


    We are pleased to announce our FOOTNIGHT Holiday party on Dec 19, from 6:30-11:30pm in Boston!! Our event is at a private club, and we've got gorgeous models that love to have their feet worshipped. Come and live out your fantasies, kiss some pretty feet and toes, and have an unforgettable...
  3. J

    Esmi Makes YOU Squirm

    Before She Makes You Squirt Esmi knows how much you like to be tickled, so she straps you to her table naked to have a little fun. This torturous hottie takes her time tickling your entire body, starting at your feet, she slowly works her way to your upper body, teasing and taunting while...
  4. M

    Stormy puts the smack down on bj's candy ass

    Just wanted to show Y'all some screen shots of my news wrestle video! You can see it on-http://www.clips4sale.com/store/20839 OhhhhhYa, Just like the title says,I kick his ass royally! This video was so fun making! The 1st half I'm kickin ghis ass with ease,then he turns the tables on me,and...
  5. L

    Mistress Kimberly Marvel Tickles Nyxon

    Mystress Kimberly Marvel ties Nyxon to the cross and tickles her. http://www.clips4sale.com/43888
  6. M

    Ms. Marilyn Loves To Tickle *Now in WMV Format*

    "The poor rubberslut, his reputation of being fun to torment is attracting all of the lethal ladies of the NYC rubber studio. Now Ms.Marilyn wants a turn. She ties down Rubberslut and proceeds to tickle relentlessly without mercy." *Available Now In Windows Media Format at Tickle...
  7. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Take His Breath Away! Sauur's Wife joins in!

    Sauur gets 2 for the price of one, as we sit on his face, belly, tickle him and taunt him! What fun! NOW Showing On FetishCOD and/or Clips4Sale
  8. J

    Addie Juniper Ruins his Orgasm

    Ruined orgasms with Addie and other mistresses can be found HERE
  9. S

    Business Woman upskirt

    Hi We have had multiple requests for a man under a business womans desk while she works. Then, when she is on the phone, her sub man is brought to her mouth to smell her breath while she speaks. This is a Hot video for those who desire this type of fetish. We also made every effort to show...
  10. J

    Extreme Post Orgasm Torture

    Tickled and Abused Males have some very intense CBT and Tickle Abuse clips they just released. Watch these mean bitches and mistresses devestate these subs. Here is a preview pic from an upcoming session. http://pic.xpeeps.com/xpeeps/images/usergallerypics/827995/73410/827995-c9cab466c9cab_m.jpg