1. gsfcreator

    Not long enough - SFX Epic (Lady Orias) - giantess, micro, foot worship

    She was perfect, he always told her so. except one thing: Her toenails where never long enough. Orias tried her best to satisfy her foot-perverted boyfriend, but no matter how hard she tried, healways had to bring up the toenails length issue. one day, after she let her toenails grow all summer...
  2. MissMinaBBW

    Addicted To My Dirty Meaty Soles Big Wide BBW FinDom Feet Be My Foot Wallet

    Download Addicted To My Dirty Meaty Soles HD video at my clip stores: Clips4Sale ManyVids Model Hub IWantClips With my filthy, meaty, wrinkled soles propped up in your face, I explain how I feel you need to reevaluate your priorities. I want you to show your complete devotion to me...
  3. gsfcreator

    An open mind - Epic sfx starring Megan Jones

    He's about to marry her best friend, But Megan won't let it go so easily. She invites the unsuspecting Fiancé to her house, to "discuss some stuff regarding the wedding". little does he know that he's about to get seduced by the very object of his desire - the thing he thought he gave up on...
  4. HoustonFetish

    Cherry's Feet

    The wife allowed me to do a few pics of her feet ;) Check out the full set on my blog!
  5. gsfcreator

    The frozen Goddess - SFX Epic

    The frozen goddess - SFX epic a known Fetish photographer (yours truly) is inviting a model into his house for an"innocent" photo-shoot. little does she know, but he holds a magical artifact: a watch that enables him to freeze time for others, and manipulate size. Leasha's feet are so alluring...
  6. czsole123

    Czechsoles: Mysterious Enigma's amazing playful feet

    Enigma likes to be a mysterious figure but she also loves to mess with guys heads using her sexy feet. This is her first shooting gallery but Enigma had some experience with foot fetish before. And she likes it! A lot of this gallery photos were her ideas. She knows how to present her feet and...
  7. MissMinaBBW

    Eat My Sweaty Feet BBW Foot Worship

    Download my Eat My Sweaty Feet 1920x1080 HD video at my clip sites: Clips4Sale Many Vids I Want Clips Want something a little bit more specific & personal? Custom videos are available. Email me at for rates & info on a custom that YOU direct! NEW: Now offering...
  8. gsfcreator

    Princess Carolina's extreme foot slave

    Princess Carolina's extreme foot slave "Mmmm, look who we have here! I think my slave have been good for a whole entire month! what do you think? you think I should unlock that chastity of yours? well...I don't think so, yet...I think I'm gonna have a little fun with you, before I'll take my...
  9. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - I Want you to Suck My Toes

    I WANT yOU TO SUCK MY TOES Make Me feel nice. I want you to suck them good, hard, and long. Lick. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. you will kiss where I tell you to kiss, and you will stop when I tell you to stop. you will worship Me like the fucking Goddess I am. Sound good? Good boy. Now get back to...
  10. iranlover

    My Wife's Sexy Feet,Legs,Toes And Soles

    She is 38, skinny and pretty.
  11. Furetto

    Smoking Barefoot (with young goddess Laura)

    Video available here Laura (20 years old) says: « There are places that are great for meditation and serenity. One such place is the park of my little town. When I was very young I always went to the park to play, alone or with my...
  12. MissMinaBBW

    BBW Big Leg Crossing Foot Dangling In Stilettos

    Download my Leg Crossing Dangling & Farting In Short Shorts at your fav clip sites: GodMotherOfAss Many Vids Store I Want Clips Do you love thick bare bbw legs & feet in high heels? I wear a pair of short skin tight shorts, white ribbed tank top with no bra & sit...
  13. Furetto

    A Delightfully Disgusting Menu (Toejam Fetish and Hard Foot Domination) It won't take much to prepare a delicious meal if you have the same skills as Chef Roberta. In this video she will show you how to create a funny and tasty recipe! The starting point of this odd preparation is a sleeve of saltine...
  14. AATBxxx

    Blue Toes Leave You With Blue Balls

    MISSROPER.COM Presents... "Blue Toes Leave You With Blue Balls." Themes of: Foot Fetish - Tease & Denial - Femdom POV - Sensual Domination - Chastity I know it's been awhile since I've let you out of your cage, the mere feeling of my toes running along the crotch of your pants making you...
  15. Boston Foot Parties


    We are pleased to announce our FOOTNIGHT Holiday party on Dec 19, from 6:30-11:30pm in Boston!! Our event is at a private club, and we've got gorgeous models that love to have their feet worshipped. Come and live out your fantasies, kiss some pretty feet and toes, and have an unforgettable...
  16. PSarah

    Sarah DiAvola - Foot Tension

    FOOT TENSION Don't cum. Just marvel. Just worship. My feet and all of their curves dance in the sunlight and tickle the fluffy fur of this lucky rug. I know exactly how to pose them, and I know just what drives you wild. My sweet yet evil voice, keeping you on edge: letting you dive...
  17. GoddessLilith

    NEW ENGLAND Footnight

    I am pleased to announce that I have taken the torch as the new FOOTNIGHT NEW ENGLAND hostess!! Our first party of 2017 is going to be held in Providence on 4/19! :devil: Here are the details on the party. Come fulfill your fantasy!!
  18. PSarah

    Sarah DiAvola - New Foot Fan

    NEW FOOT FAN Perhaps you're already an out and open foot worshiper. Or maybe you're just curious and a little turned on and want to see what this is all about. Could feet really be sexy, sensual, and arousing? It's ok - who could blame you? These feet are like sex symbols, curvy...
  19. O

    Feet in 7 inch pumps