toilet humiliation

  1. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - Candid ToothBrush Abuse Alisha is on the toilet doing her business when she sees the toilet paper roll IS EMPTY!!! she has told her slave 1000 times to keep it full! after a slight moment of anger she decides to just use his toothbrush! she peals her...
  2. AATBxxx

    Morning Glory Ft Miss Roper

    "Morning Glory" was just released on MISSROPER.COM. *This clip consists of toilet talk, filthy dialogue, and IMPLIED toilet activities. Every morning, the first thing I do when I wake up is venture to the toilet... never knowing what is going to drop into the bowl. Now? Now your mouth is apart...
  3. Alesya20

    new!2 video.Goddess Joyce is a beautiful slim super model new!2 video.Goddess Joyce is a beautiful slim super model lunch slavery Joyce is a beautiful slim super model Every man dreams of becoming a slave. Not just a slave, but a toilet slave of this beautiful Goddess. He is a happy slave who was honored...
  4. T

    First time I was a human toilet

    Before I start this is my first Time writing about an experience and my grammar is awful so hope you enjoy it but please ignore the mistakes! My first experience was with my ex call her megan she was 2 years younger than me at 21 and I was 23 people know me as a tall alpha strong guy but in...
  5. AATBxxx

    Maria Jade's Toilet Bitch

    ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM presents... "Maria Jade's Toilet Bitch" TOILET FETISH - TOILET HUMILIATION - TOILET SLAVERY - FEMDOM POV - VERBAL HUMILIATION Your stuck down below, with Maria towering above, teasing you with her ass and pussy. You are eagerly awaiting your destruction, for Maria to plant...
  6. PSarah


    CLASSIC CLIP: DEATH BY GAS This clip first appeared in 2014, and it is still considered one of the absolute best fart fetish videos ever created. Just try to get out of this situation, boy. Just try to get Me off of your face while you dr0w.n in the stench of My ass. Fart after fart, toot...
  7. AATBxxx

    "Coal" For Christmas - TOILET SLAVERY

    MISSROPER.COM Presents... "Coal" For Christmas. TOILET SLAVERY - TOILET FETISH - TOILET HUMILIATION - FEMDOM POV This year, you've been placed on the naughty list. It seems someone's forgotten what Mommy & Daddy use to tell them growing up throughout the year, how easy it is to misbehave and...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Tampon Cocktail 3

    TAMPON COCKTAIL 3 I say you're ready for dessert. A fine Champagne, a rare vintage, an expensive refreshment. Let's have you shut up and listen to Me talk about what an ordeal you're about to enjoy. First, I'll prepare the glass and fill it with My nectar. Then, I'll spike it with a musky...
  9. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Drink

    DIRTY DRINK I want you to completely defile yourself for Me. Do it because I asked. Do it because you obey. Sacrifice your dignity for Me, your Goddess. I want you to cross boundaries from which you can never come back. Prepare your glass and your dick. It must be a nice glass, preferably...
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Dinner

    DIRTY DINNER Filthy pig. Everything from My body is divine and blessed. What a lucky nasty potty mouth you are, to be able to receive it. How would this situation play out? What exactly will I do to deliver the goodies to your face hole? I will describe it, in great detail, and demonstrate...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Boys: Clean your Fucking Bathroom

    DIRTY BOYS: CLEAN your FUCKING BATHROOM I'm not done training you yet, house boy. I want you to learn how to REALLY clean up after your own filth, and I want you to associate cleaning for Me with a long, edging, teasing, controlling, degrading, humiliating, strict collar around your cock...
  12. EmpressKabani

    EmpressKabani & Mz PhatJuicy headed to NYC!

    For those that have been waiting to see Is for many years the wait is over!! We are storming into NYC and putting the crush down for the weekend! Deposits to be sent to which is also My email if you have any questions. Hurry bitches time is a wasting lmao
  13. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Piggy for Princess

    PIGGY FOR PRINCESS What a cute, perfect, innocent-looking Princess you serve. Look at how fluffy My dress is! Look at how sweet I appear to be! What Princess wants is for you to be her absolute, complete and total piggy for Her. I want you to see what you are, compared to what I am: I...
  14. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Slave Orientation

    SLAVE ORIENTATION I want you to space through the physical pain and focus on My every word. I want you to learn that your pain is nothing compared to your desire to please Me. I introduce you to one of My favorite implements and demonstrate how I’ll use it on your bitch body. It stings...
  15. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Behind Enema Lines

    BEHIND ENEMA LINES Are you ready for some butt stuff? First, I want you to humiliate yourself in public by buying an excessive amount of enemas. I’ll guide you through which ones to buy. I’ll even add a little tiny task to make it even more embarrassing for you. Next, you’re going...
  16. JulieSimone

    Toilet Humiliation - Amara, Anna, Julie

    Toilet Fetish Humiliation - Julie Simone, Amara Noir and Anna Valentina let you know exactly what they think of mud monsters like you who crave and eat sh*t! Buy the clip at TOILET HUMILIATION, FEMDOM POV, DEGRADATION, HUMILIATION, MEAN GIRLS, TOILET...
  17. M

    Ms. Renee Trevi - Treviology Clips store

    I take pride at my work and enjoy showing it off @ my Treviology clips store. The quality of my videos improved over the years, as well as my skills. I also was able to find some of the best slaves to torture in front of the camera. Now check out my clips store @...
  18. B

    POV Enema Slave

    Mistress is covered in leather from head to spiked heel boots towering over you. She then looks down on you as she turns and releases a ton of ass juice as stream after stream squirts all over your slave face.
  19. B

    POV Pissing

    The Mistress makes you her personal toilet, unleashing several streams of her hot piss on your body and face while you lay at her feet.
  20. B

    POV Toilet Denial Humiliation

    You want to be the Mistress' toilet slave, but she's decided you're not even worthy to taste her . She perches on a toilet, giving you the run down of what a worthless slave you are and how much work you have to do before you can take on the role of her human toilet...