toilet slavery

  1. jimmmywanng

    The princess Escort Part 2

    hey everyone! i opened a clips4sale store and a yezzclips as well as others! i am becoming a porn producer! i have signed on 3 models and filming over 60 clips per month of all fetishes contact me at my email or through any of my stores for more info
  2. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Welcome to Slavery

    WELCOME TO SLAVERY you will be My new slave. What does that entail? I will tell you. From your entrance to your existence, from bottom to top. I will make you understand the definition of "servitude." I will go over your expected tasks and possible rewards for service. My kudos will come...
  3. M

    Looking for story called "Lifetime slavery in China(Chengdu)

    I read a story long time ago about a guy who becomes servant of her own immediate family and then goes to place called Chengdu in China where he becomes human horse who only eats the shit of their master. I tried searching a lot but didn't get on the internet.
  4. T

    First time I was a human toilet

    Before I start this is my first Time writing about an experience and my grammar is awful so hope you enjoy it but please ignore the mistakes! My first experience was with my ex call her megan she was 2 years younger than me at 21 and I was 23 people know me as a tall alpha strong guy but in...
  5. AATBxxx

    Maria Jade's Toilet Bitch

    ALLABOUTTHEBOOTY.COM presents... "Maria Jade's Toilet Bitch" TOILET FETISH - TOILET HUMILIATION - TOILET SLAVERY - FEMDOM POV - VERBAL HUMILIATION Your stuck down below, with Maria towering above, teasing you with her ass and pussy. You are eagerly awaiting your destruction, for Maria to plant...
  6. AATBxxx

    "Coal" For Christmas - TOILET SLAVERY

    MISSROPER.COM Presents... "Coal" For Christmas. TOILET SLAVERY - TOILET FETISH - TOILET HUMILIATION - FEMDOM POV This year, you've been placed on the naughty list. It seems someone's forgotten what Mommy & Daddy use to tell them growing up throughout the year, how easy it is to misbehave and...
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Tampon Cocktail 3

    TAMPON COCKTAIL 3 I say you're ready for dessert. A fine Champagne, a rare vintage, an expensive refreshment. Let's have you shut up and listen to Me talk about what an ordeal you're about to enjoy. First, I'll prepare the glass and fill it with My nectar. Then, I'll spike it with a musky...
  8. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Drink

    DIRTY DRINK I want you to completely defile yourself for Me. Do it because I asked. Do it because you obey. Sacrifice your dignity for Me, your Goddess. I want you to cross boundaries from which you can never come back. Prepare your glass and your dick. It must be a nice glass, preferably...
  9. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Dinner

    DIRTY DINNER Filthy pig. Everything from My body is divine and blessed. What a lucky nasty potty mouth you are, to be able to receive it. How would this situation play out? What exactly will I do to deliver the goodies to your face hole? I will describe it, in great detail, and demonstrate...
  10. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Dirty Boys: Clean your Fucking Bathroom

    DIRTY BOYS: CLEAN your FUCKING BATHROOM I'm not done training you yet, house boy. I want you to learn how to REALLY clean up after your own filth, and I want you to associate cleaning for Me with a long, edging, teasing, controlling, degrading, humiliating, strict collar around your cock...
  11. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Champagne Dreams

    CONTAINS NUDITY CHAMPAGNE DREAMS Get down. Way down. That is where toilet slaves belong. On his knees, neck bent backward, mouth open, eyes focused on the source of all power. I will describe in intricate detail what your life will be like as My personal toilet. That is your only...
  12. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Ass Worship Instructional

    ASS WORSHIP INSTRUCTIONAL I'm going to make you My ass slave. There's no better way to get up close and personal with My ass than to clean it with your tongue. I hope it's really dirty! I'm about to show you how you will do it, down to the most minute detail. Do you want to keep your job...
  13. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Golden Treat

    GOLDEN TREAT What a good boy you've been all locked up and slaving away for Me, your Goddess. How lucky you are to suffer for Me. I promised you a reward, and I always keep My word. Today, you'll be getting a special treat: the privilege of drinking Goddess nectar straight from the...
  14. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Piggy for Princess

    PIGGY FOR PRINCESS What a cute, perfect, innocent-looking Princess you serve. Look at how fluffy My dress is! Look at how sweet I appear to be! What Princess wants is for you to be her absolute, complete and total piggy for Her. I want you to see what you are, compared to what I am: I...
  15. G

    Toilet Slave to Celebrity

    If you guys were to become the fart/toilet slave of any female celebrity of your choice for the rest of your life, who would you choose and why? For me it would be Mila Kunis, I just find her so sexy and she seems like the kind of person who would have a toilet slave.
  16. waytoextreme

    A contract with my wife

    My wife recently caught me with a Dominatrix. I've always wondered how she'd react if she ever found out I did this. To say she was angry would be a dramatic understatement. I'll spare you the boring details of our fights, harsh words exchanged or the bruises inflicted (I had no idea she...
  17. B

    Princess Kristi- "Your mouth, my toilet"

    I commissioned a clip that I figure some of you would love by Princess Kristi. It's on clips4sale and meets their policies, but is still one of the hottest toilet slavery clips that I've ever seen, full of farts, scenes of her bulging asshole, and truly excellent verbals. From the site: "This...
  18. G

    Becoming Mistress Morticia's Shit

    Eight years ago i began serving Mistress Morticia as Her live-in slave. She had explained how harsh She was in the months leading up to my relocating to Her, but i had no idea how difficult and degrading my life would be. i was new to slavery and didn't know what to expect. i thought it might be...
  19. C

    Slave to my co-workers

    Slave to my co-workers - introduction I had uploaded a story with the title "Total slavery". Introduction of this story can be found here. After the 10 chapters of the first part ("Ariana"), a hard disk failure caused to loose almost everything I had written. "Total slavery" was divided in 16...
  20. T

    The Necromancer (A short story)

    The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was that big, pale ass hovering above my face. The first thing I heard was the sound of a crackling fart coming from that same ass. The first thing I smelled was the stink of that fart blown right in my face as soon as I had arisen once again. The fact...