1. HoustonFetish

    Tiffany & Her Friends (with 3D art)

    Tayla was closer to my age, but I always had a thing for Tiffany. Pretty, tanned blondes are my weakness. I went to their house many times when Tayla was working, just so I could spend some time with Tiffany. There was never a sexual relationship, she just loved stepping on me and I loved being...
  2. HoustonFetish

    Public trample in a nature park

    I'm not sure if I shared these. They're from a shoot a few years back with a lovely BBW friend. I got to lay under her size 10's in the forest
  3. S

    Trample Preview Video - Patreon

    Doing the patreon thing. Here's a video from us! hope you like :) our patreon is
  4. vladviper1

    Featured crush: Sneakers and sock cockcrush (cumshot included)
  5. highboots

    Under Their Boots

    Cameron is riding on her ponyslave. In a minute rings the doorbell. She goes open the door her friend Nora. They go to the kitchen to make coffee. Cameron orders the slave to lie down and they stand on him. Then the girls sit down and Cameron commands him to kiss her riding boot. Nora puts her...
  6. vladviper1

    Cock crush trampling

    Many cockcrush trampling for free
  7. peterek2001

    Barefoot head trampling 2

    Barefoot head trampling 2 Three barefoot girls step on a guy's head. At first the girls stand two at a time, standing with both feet on his head. Then all three at once get on top of him. Standing three at a time, each one put their right foot on his head and lifts up their left leg. You can...
  8. brazilfeet

    Princess Leila Sweaty Feet Of Boots Pt.3

    Princess Leila Sweaty Feet Of Boots Pt.3 Mistress Leila is rubbing her soles on Taty tongue while she is very happy. Her slave is totally dominated and sucks and licks her feet until her angry Domme is fully satisfied. HOT SCENES OF: SOLE LICKING, LESBIAN AND FOOT WORSHIP!!!
  9. Alesya20

    Bertie Trampling spitting Humiliation 0173 Bertie Trampling spitting Humiliation 0173 NEW! Bertie Trampling...
  10. Madison1982

    Payne Mansion Ch. 04 (Happy Thanksgiving)

    The following story is sadistic fiction, and in no way depicts actual events. It contains descriptions of cruelty and torture against an unwilling vulnerable male victim. All characters are clearly depicted as being over the age of 18. In real life, keep it safe, sane, and consensual. - Her...
  11. trampletime1969

    330lb Amazon Tramples Me In The Park!

    This 330lb Ebony Amazon wanted to vent some anger after a nasty divorce, and through a friend of a friend I found myself under her feet. She tried to break my nose and ribs, and jumped hard. She had more fun than I did, at one point I thought what did I get myself into!?!??! It was awesome...
  12. Alesya20

    Russians babe Girls..... Sexual girls humiliate The poor guy made a mistake! The duty of a slave is to lick Mistress's shoes when she comes home. But today the slave did not do this, instead he slept. Bertie saw this and got...
  13. fpminnyc

    Malachite Mayhem, Latina Foot & Trample Fetish Model, Smashes His Stomach

    Malachite Mayhem, Latina BBW, 330lbs, Size 11 wide feet... the "SHE-HULK" of barefoot ab trample and stomping!
  14. Vinylqueen

    Trampleguy Is A Human Shoe Tree

    I have some time this morning as my traveling partner is in a session presently. For those who don't know, I'm in London until tomorrow. Then I head to Belgium to see some long-time fans who got to know me on THIS very forum: feettoesniffer and another gentleman from The Netherlands. Anyhow...
  15. Nicolas Masoch

    Tie-Breaker Poll for "A New Kind of Weapon"

    I did a poll for "A New Kind of Weapon", on which two women you'd like to see step on the shrunken enemy first. Courtney and her black boots won first place. However, we have three runners-up. Thus, I am starting another poll to break the tie. Here is the thread I am referencing...
  16. Nicolas Masoch

    A New Kind of Weapon

    Part 1 Phyllis Connor briefed the recruits on the secret mission against the enemy stronghold and the new secret weapon. She shared the footage of the testing of the weapons: Four Latinas were walking down the street: Maria was wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, and 1" black pumps. Gloria...
  17. I

    Kinky India Classifieds - List of Spa & Massage Parlours for Femdom Experience in India

    Hello Guys, I am single and submissive from Chennai, India. Have been interested in Femdom and BDSM since i was a young school going kid. Had no luck so far since its difficult to find a real mistress or domme in India. Have had few experiences of foot worship and trampling in several Spa's...
  18. trampletime1969

    2 Lesbian Lovers Stomp my Back!

    Hey trample friends, I recently found a great video where 2 lesbiansd stomped me hard to turn eaxch other on. It was a dream come true, and they went nonstop for a while! I have found very little of the video, but have it for sale on my manyvids and c4s stores listed. Here is a link to my...
  19. Dunefeet

    Punk steam girls, duo trampling

    Punk steam girls, duo trampling: The rules are simple. Find man and crush him. Bea (22) and Stella (18) enforce the law. Dressed in steampunk they will rule the world, their world. Your world? Brutal face and chest trampling! 10 years of Female Domination from Dunefeet...