1. P

    Heaviest head trample?

    Hello community, I would love to know how much weight, as maximum have you experienced with head trampling. In my case, my best was two girls, having a combined weight of 130kg standing barefoot on my head at the same time. It was really wonderful, I could feel a nice pressure on my skull, and...
  2. HoustonFetish

    Officer Trample

    This set came from a fan request on my blog. The full set is posted on my blog, as always, free to visit & view. There are a few with a baton and some with a gun, just as a warning to those who don't like weapons Check out the full set here:
  3. HoustonFetish

    Get all 6 for 1 donation!

    Some of you may have seen on my blog. I've made it my goal this year to help a local disabled couple get up and back on their to speak. I'm offering all 6 of my clips in my clip store for a donation of $30 or more. This doesn't go to my blog, please send directly to their Paypal if you...
  4. jimmmywanng

    Mistress Alisha Bartlett - 170 pound head-standing! Mistress Alisha Bartlett is getting ready for a night out but the floor is too rough on her perfect goddess feet! she calls in her slave jimmy, orders him to the floor and steps onto his head with her FULL-WEIGHT. this clip is shot...
  5. peterek2001

    Welcome 2

    Welcome 2 Four girls are guests at our party. After they enter the house, they are supposed to wipe off their shoes, take off their coats, clean their soles on his tongue and step off his head onto the floor. Time: 8,47 min. Movie
  6. HoustonFetish

    Trampled by Stephanie

    This friend recently found out about my fetish and was actually excited to try this out :) She has THE softest feet I've ever had the pleasure to massage
  7. jimmmywanng

    Bad Pedicure = Brutal Trample

    Goddess Rachel has come home from a long day at school! she orders her slave to take off her shoes and socks, and worship her feet before giving a pedicure! she makes him suck on her sweaty socks while he works! Goddess Rachel isn't happy though! he missed a few spots! she orders her slave to...
  8. HoustonFetish

    New 3D modeling photos

    Some experiences, you simply can't have a camera for. Some fantasies will never be filmed live. So I create them all on my site. I'll still be adding "live action" trample stuff, but this 3D modeling allows me a LOT more freedom. Now you can see some of the stuff tumbling around in my brain ;)...
  9. W

    Halloween Monsters: Unaware Full Story

    Date: October 31. Time: 4 PM. Zack and Tom were running for their lives. Their bodies were begging them to rest, but they knew that the police cars were at their heels. They had had to ditch their car soon after robbing the convenience store. Luckily Zack's brother was a professional makeup...
  10. fpminnyc

    Where Are All The Bigger Gals For Trampling? Lots Of Butt Drops & Chest Sitting, But Need More Heavyweight Ab Trample

    Ladies... where are ya's all? I need to hire BIG female feet, along with intense weight for upper ab trampling material...
  11. HoustonFetish

    New fantasy trample set

    In between shoots with Goddess Rhea, I love to play around with a simple 3D modeling program. Check out the full set on my blog!
  12. C

    X7P3 Gary

    X-7-P-3 Gary - - - Part 1 Lucy had brought Gary along with her; he was her fellow student, and they also shared an appartment. They entered Judith's house, and took off their outdoor shoes in the antechamber. Judith pointed at the third door on the right side of her hallway: "My special...
  13. HoustonFetish

    The Stomping Twins

    Darcy and Dancy were twins that I knew back in the day. They were mischievous ladies who’d learned of my trample fetish through a few conversations. They came over to hang out one day when I was working from home. I still had a few things for work to finish off, so they made themselves at home...
  14. trampletime1969

    Family Trampling me at the Beach (200lbs Mom, 350 and 300lb daughters)

    You had a final warning last October to put a banner link back to here on your C4S store. Your content will be deleted until said Banner Link is in place. bfrug (moderator)
  15. HoustonFetish

    Some old double trample pics

    This was the one and only shoot I did with my ex and Goddess Rhea. The ex is gone, but Rhea will be over next weekend for more trampling and pics ;)
  16. E

    Face Standing

    Check out today's Update on Sophie Michelle :) Its Becky jumping up and down on her slaves face and standing on his face, here are some pics :-
  17. HoustonFetish

    Audrey Rose Knee High Sock Trample

    The beautiful Audrey Rose trampling me in knee high socks while she sipped on her Starbucks drink. This was a fun shoot :)
  18. B

    Alice Humiliation 01

    We start our adventure on this forum showing you two images from one of our latest video productions. Our beautiful Alice is a professional model and actor for tv series and did a super performance here: the video is comprehensive of verbal humiliation (italian language), trample, stomping and...