1. P

    3 new free clip or two amazon bbw trample me

    BBW double on my back 1/2 : BBW double on my back 2/2 : BBW double on my stomach :
  2. P

    Trample BBW

    BBW double on my back 1/2 : BBW double on my back 2/2 : BBW double on my stomach :
  3. P

    BBW multi trample

    BBW double on my back 1/2 : BBW double on my back 2/2 : BBW double on my stomach :
  4. C

    VIDEO - Girl Backflips Onto Guy's Crotch!

    Just thought I would contribute a little bit by sharing this one for others to see!
  5. G

    Membership site news and sneak peek at unreleased foot & ass footage

    Ebony Goddess Destroi <br> MEMBERSHIP SITE NEWS AND SNEAK PEEK AT UNRELEASED FOOT & ASS FOOTAGE Your Goddess has a very important message for her loyal fans. A brand new membership site will launch 11.25.13 Being that I have over 2TB's of unreleased content, I felt it was time...
  6. F

    Face Stomping & Ball Stomping!Free Clip: September And Star Brutally Stomp Thier Rug!

    Compliments of Floormans Trample Adventures Enjoy!!!!!
  7. B

    Mistress Tramples Tranny

    Mistress has her gorgeous transsexual slave in bondage on the floor, ready to be walked on and trampled by her beautiful perfect feet. Incredible close ups of her perfect feet, trampling her she-male slaves face and cock.
  8. trampletime1969

    Beach Trample by Karate Girl

    I was lucky enough to have a girl who takes Karate class walk by at the beach, see another person trampling me, then asked if she could also have a turn!!! She had fun listening to music, and trampling me, she had headphones in the whole time. She said she wants to injure me, but not at the...
  9. trampletime1969

    Traveler Trample

    While in Europe, I met a group of 6 girls traveling together from England and New Zealand. All were heavy, and when they fond out I like to be stepped on, they begged to crush me!! This video was from the party when they asked if they could stand on me and jump!!!! We all had fun Best...
  10. trampletime1969

    Hand Trample Free Clip

    I was taping a video at the beach, and the producer asked this girl to try and break any bone in my hand for $50! I was really scared when the girl told me she was taking karate lessons and had just broke up with an abusive boyfriend. In this clip she is stomping on my arm and hand. I am...
  11. trampletime1969

    Some trample pics

    just found these pics I had thought I lost. Not sure if I have posted them before, but here they are my friends.
  12. trampletime1969

    New free trample clips!!!

    Hi guys, I love extreme weights and extreme versions of trample. From broken bones to 20 person groups! Here are some links to me being crushed 600lbs trampling me: brutally stomped by 2 girls I met at a coffee shop in...
  13. B

    First time trampling w/ malicebbw

    Boy was I scared to put my nearly 400 lb self onto this mans small body. I slowly step on his small body, gradually allowing myself to become more comfortable. Eventually i lightly bounce my massive weight on his tiny self. Clip goes up within the next hour! Malice's Clipstore
  14. fpminnyc

    A Few Model Foot Fetish Collage Compilations From The "Big Gals" Collection

    A few of these ladies you may have seen before, others you may not have. In either case, enjoy!
  15. fpminnyc

    The BBW Foot Fetish Model Collage Compliation

    The BBW Foot Fetish Model Collage & Compilation Some of my plus size, BBW & SSBBW fem friends & models... some you may have seen, others you may not have. Enjoy!
  16. M

    Worship Goddess Selena-Stocking Trample

    Worship my stockings you pathetic slave! I trample this idiot and make it extra hard for him to reach up and lick my sexy stockings. *Selena*
  17. A


    Nikki is a seriously strict bitch and loves to be the boss. here she has her own BOOT CAMP and wants some excessive military interrogation! Wearing her hardest high heels she's captured two males and is about to show them what an female interrogation officer can do. Crushing each one in turn...
  18. C

    Trampled under her DC Sneakers

    Four new videos from me, made by me! The girl is a friend of mine, she is 20, has small size 6 feet, and is pretty damn good at trampling. She certainly wasn't afraid of hurting me, and left some nice marks on my chest, stomach, hands, & face!!! Stomach/Face Trampling With DC Sneakers...
  19. A

    Punishment beating!

    Punishment Beating trailer has just been updated on Strict Bitches along with our newest dominant bitch who keeps her bf as her boot cleaning bitch,. Check them out and more at
  20. fpminnyc

    Meet Jay'mee: SSBBW Foot Fetish & Trample Model

    Meet Jay'mee: New York area SSBBW foot fetish & trample model, Laotian, 26, 5'7", 310lbs, size 9 wide feet. Used footwear available for sale. Custom foot fetish & trample pics and clips made to order.