trampling on balls

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    Trampling til your balls burst open

    WARNING VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT, DO NOT EVER TRY THIS! Not for the faint of heart Bob would like to be my new slave. I have him come over for a play session- starting with Heel Torture. I bound his hands with rope and place his balls my new Chastity board. Standing full weight on his balls...
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    Foot and trample fetish pics

    A few pics to Share for my Foot lovers and trample sluts "These heels were made for walking, and that's just what I will do- Walk all over you. "
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    Ball busting revenge

    Last week I had an event to attend with "Barbie Gurl' most of my fans know one of my most prized possessions is my 1970 Panther Pink Dodge Challenger T/A - I call Barbie Gurl. This car is a rare 'Gem" and I use it for shows and special events ONLY. I tell my slave I expect my car to be detailed...
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    Trampling the Family Jewels

    Sexy Feet and heels Trampling your Family Jewels Enjoy the pics *kisses* Mz Simmers
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    Foot and heel torture trample

    I'm posting a few pics for you guys that like watching us torment mens balls with our feet and heels, Enjoy! *kisses* Mz Simmers
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    All About Foot Fetish!!!

    Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know that we have our new site up and running! We Have Trampling, FootJobs, Crushing & Foot Worship!!! I just added 3 new fabulous footjob videos to our site (check out the news section on the site) and here are some more pics from...
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    My new trample toy.....

    :blush:Just thought I'd post a few links to my latest videos, unfortunately or maybe fortunately for you guys I can't get the video store thing working:help: so you'll have to watch them for free on the links.
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    19-Year-Old Trampling on a Masked Pervert

    She's stepping on his cock and balls! Check out more trampling and ballbusting photos at my blog at: Thanks!