1. peterek2001

    Throat standing

    Throat standing We decided to make a competition and see who can take having a girl stand on our throat the longest. Two girls stand on our stomachs and they hold another one who is supposed to stand on our necks. I didn't expect that my competitor would start to lose consciousness. The girls...
  2. PSarah

    Sarah Diavola - Business Suit Trample (Throwback Thursday)

    BUSINESS SUIT TRAMPLE (THROWBACK THURSDAY) THROWBACK THURSDAY - CLASSIC CLIP! Original release date: October 2007 "There's nothing like squishing a footstool after a long day at work. This clip includes foot/leg/nylon worship, shoe dangling, trampling, and face-kicking. At one point, I...
  3. Marc70

    When a sweet Dancer Girl dances on your face and head! (

    WHEN a sweet DANCER GIRL dances on your head and face ! (visit
  4. GoddessLilith


    Footnight is Boston's longest-running private foot worship party, offering a private & discreet space for you to explore your foot fantasies with gorgeous and kinky models. Visit this page for more information - See our teaser model list, there are many more girls to be announced...
  5. Marc70

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    Check out now the 500 FULL HD VIDEOS on Do you like beautiful, strong, dominant women who seduce you in the hot world of your fetish? We have for you a lot of them... Whether elegant sexy ladies, brutal tatoowed Bitches, sweet naughty students, thick nasty girls or...
  6. Marc70

    Sweet young COCO trampling SESSION - FACE TRAMPLING

    sweet young COCO tramples his face under her bare feet and
  7. Z

    1 of my visits to my mistress

    I have read so many true and fictional stories and enjoy so many of them. It's about time I shared something. I've been seeing this amazing woman for the past 6 years on and off. I'm not going to tell you since the start just the last visit else it will be too long I fear. I will tell you about...
  8. Marc70

    UNDER the feet of 2 BBW Mistresses -

    BBW Ladies Tina D and Bibi love to have a male face under their bare feet ( all fetishtainment femdom ) and ( foot worship pure )
  9. Marc70

    Fighting Girl Laura dominates him under her bare feet !

    Fighting Girl Laura dominates him under her feet !
  10. Marc70

    Dominated by STELLAS sweet FEET ! ... what a cutie !

    Dominated by STELLAS sweet FEET ! ... what a cutie ! and
  11. Marc70

    Great Pictures of dominant FEMALE FEET ///

    Great Pictures of dominant feet Check out more .......
  12. S

    Trample Preview Video - Patreon

    Doing the patreon thing. Here's a video from us! hope you like :) our patreon is
  13. Marc70

    Miss Jamie Kate defeats, pins and tramples a loser! (( ))

    Jamie Kate pins and defeats a loser! (( the femdomsite )) and ( only pins and victory poses )
  14. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Giant Feet, Little Dick

    GIANT FEET, LITTLE DICK Teeny weenies get EXTRA SMALL when they're under a Giantess' HUGE FEET! Look how terrified this little guy is - you can see the fear in his beady little eye as My giant feet step down on him. Grip him between My toes. Stroke him way too hard. Press him flat against...
  15. Marc70

    Tied up and defeated ! The female POWER!

    tied up and defeated :) and
  16. Trampler40

    Trample footjob free vodeo

    New free video watch my other free videos at Thanks for comments and...
  17. Marc70

    Finally he has to sniff her sweaty SOCK! - She stomps her size 41 foot on his face! -

    Miss Susanna S has the slave under her dirty riding boots … finally she forces him to sniff her sweaty socks ! (Premium Site / 5-6 updates per week) and (only sweat fetish)
  18. Marc70

    MANON defeats a guy and shows him FEMALE POWER //

    Miss Manon defeats a guy and shows him the female power ! ( only victory poses and pins ) and ( premium site 5-6 updates per week)
  19. vladviper1

    Cock crush trampling

    Many cockcrush trampling for free
  20. MartinTramplingLover

    FREE VIDEOS - CzechTrampling

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