1. M

    Jbug and Jana

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone stil has some clips from JbugandJana it was a trample store with face in the floor trampling, they were very unique and one of very few who did those kinds of videos. Ive looked around on google but cant seem to find any videos of them or pictures. They have...
  2. Marc70

    2 BBW Ladies use him as their HUMAN CARPET !

    2 BBW Ladies use their victim as a human carpet ... cool BBW face - and body trampling
  3. Marc70

    Tramapled UNDER muddy RIDING BOOTS and moreeeee..

    MUDDY RIDINGBOOTs Trampling and domination under her smelly pantyhose feet ! ( Premium Site with 5-6 updates per week ) ( pure trampling )
  4. Marc70

    ZOE comes in and your are just a human DOORMAT !

    ZOE comes in from walking barefoot outdoor ... you on the floor.. for her you just a human doormat for her to clean dirty feet ( Premium Site with 5-6 updates per week ) ( Trampling POVS and Giantess Feet )
  5. JulieSimone

    Mistress Cassandra NYC High Heel Trampling w Spitting & Nipple Torture

    Legendary Queen of Mean Mistress Cassandra NYC verbally abuses a slave for bringing Her a low quality wine. While She chastises him, She notices his gaze fixed upon Her Louboutin leather High heels and Her long, tanned and toned legs. The slave quickly learns that any amount of pleasure he is to...
  6. MartinTramplingLover

    *** UPDATES *** CzechTramplingPage

    A download clip was added today : When my wife come home from work she walk on me and she stand on my face. After that she sat on sofa and used my face as a footstool. Her feet were sweaty and smelly. It was amazing. Preview ...
  7. PSarah

    SARAH DIAVOLA - Milked by Heels

    MILKED BY HEELS Captured by a community of Femme Fatales, you may as well relinquish yourself to your fate. The cock that makes you an inferior human is trapped under My heels, pulled through a hole in My table. I do not care what happens to you after this, or what brought you here in the...
  8. MartinTramplingLover

    Czech Trampling Page

    Hi everyone !!! Let me introduce new page of trampling, foot fetish and crushing. Me and my wife likes trampling and everythink about it. We'll be glad to watch you. Every week we add new clips and videos. Our videos can be found here ...
  9. S

    Aigles riding boots long lasting impressions...

    Mmm click here for fantastic deep imprints and long lasting impressions... Very nice these rubber Aigles ridingboots, and the deep imprints they leave after some trampling... Love it!
  10. Alesya20

    0159 The slave is broken! His movements are blocked

    0159 The slave is broken! His movements are blocked The slave is broken! His movements are blocked, and he can no longer harm his Mistress. He cannot say that he does not want it. The...
  11. Karinacruel

    No Mercy Bianca: Trampling Lezdom Punishment F/F

    Hi, we published a very hard trampling and slap video, you can enjoy video preview only in :
  12. Burton156

    [Histoire] La Horde...

    De retour sur le forum, entre deux soucis toujours pas réglés. Bien entendu, je n'ai donc pas avancé dans mes histoires, alors pour faire vivre cette section du forum, et pour éviter la noyade de pubs qui recommencent à venir, je vous poste une nouvelle histoire. Comme pour d'autres, il s'agit...
  13. cbtfan

    LEA - new opponent for my cock…

    My tiny cock has a new opponent to loose against... :eek: LEA, 5"9 176lbs, shoesize 10, had her first session with Tanja on the cockboard. She's incredible! Wonderful, young, sexy, tall, perfect! Wears fantastic shoes, has a breathtaking figure and I found out that she is the perfect crusher...
  14. Marc70

    Fantastic barefoot Trampling and Facewalking (

    Sexy barefoot Trampling Session with Lady Serena. She loves to walk on her new slaves body and to press her bare feet right on his face ! &. C4S:
  15. mercilesslolita

    First Time Cock Trampling in 3 Converse Sneakers after School until cum

    Dear slaves, I present my first Cock Trampling and shoejob video using 3 converse sneakers until cum. (Full duration: 35min) PREVIEW AND FULL VIDEOS: Any doubts: Custom video requests...
  16. GoddessLilith

    CUCKOLD Foot slave high heels trample - free clip

    This was so fucking hot I threw it up on pornhub and you can check it out for free. My REAL cuckold slave gets trampled by Me in sexy lingerie and hot pink pumps. watch here:
  17. Vinylqueen

    Trampleguy Is A Human Shoe Tree

    I have some time this morning as my traveling partner is in a session presently. For those who don't know, I'm in London until tomorrow. Then I head to Belgium to see some long-time fans who got to know me on THIS very forum: feettoesniffer and another gentleman from The Netherlands. Anyhow...
  18. Nicolas Masoch

    Poll on the 1st woman to step on Barry in "Punishing Prominent Men"

    Well, the poll closed for the "Punishing Prominent Men" post, with stilettos being the most popular footwear, and square-heeled pumps being second. However, when it comes to who will trample Barry first, I got one comment saying the college president, and one saying the dean. Thus, I am going to...
  19. Dunefeet

    Leather it be 1

    Leather it be 1 So many girls trampled the bridge called Skinny guy. From time to time, he gets back to meet some of the new girls. Two of them are already experienced in trampling: Red Sonny and Tall Bea. Next games are reserved for them. Now they walk all over him, smash and crush him...
  20. Nicolas Masoch

    Men Under Women's Shoes in Future

    Part 1: Time: mid-21st century It was an exciting day for Abby! She had recently turned 18, and was heading off to college, and would receive a car from the government, due to her being female and to congratuale her on her womanhood. (A new car was part of the coming into womanhood process.)...