1. B

    Follow Me and several other FaceSitting BBW on Twitter!

    A FaceSitting Party! Multiple Sitters at ONCE! Plus Twitter... Hi guys, I know many of you love interaction and I thought one of the best ways is to join us on Twitter! We post daily with what we are doing, if we are sitting on a head at that moment or new content we've posted online...
  2. BBW Mistress Victoria

    Who has Twitter ?

    I just got Twitter the other day and I do tell when I will be on a free cam chat, or traveling or adding new videos or photos so please come by and follow me if your interested! Thanks see below on my sig for that link! And ladies add yours if you want the boys to follow you!
  3. D

    does anyone Twitter

    Does anyone twitter here? I was thinking of starting a fetish/trample account but not sure if there are others who do it. let me know
  4. D

    anyone Twitter?

    Does anyone in the fetish/trample community use Twitter? I often find myself saying "what a perverted thought that I should share with like minded individuals who would also enjoy it". Im thinking of starting one...but only if others are on board.
  5. F


    Have a twitter? Follow for daily updates of the cutest, sexiest toes on the web! And follow our tumbler too! Updated every single day (sometimes multiple times a day!) with the best, cutest, sexiest of toes, high heels, feet and fetish...