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    UNFINISHED CHAPTER...but added anyway...I'm having problems completing this one...???

    ...Hi Elysette here...any ideas how to improve or complete this story published in LITEROTICA as THORILLA..... David’s French Tutor, Chapter 11 (It was 1885 and, as a nineteen year old boy, I was staying with family friends at their large house in the English Midlands. My name is David...
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    Facesat by Charlotte, the chamber-maid

    It was 1885 and I, a 19 year old visitor to the large country house in the English Midlands had just left the schoolroom where I had been learning French for my Civil Servant exam. On the way back to my room I met Charlotte the chambermaid on the stairs polishing the banisters. "How old...
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    Vivian by Thorilla My name is David Thornberry. It happened when I was just 18 in 1958 and I have to admit that I still feel rather ashamed at what we did. In 1958 one of my parents' closest friends died. He was a well respected member of the village and was chairman of the...