urethral insertion

  1. NatalyaSadici

    Down the Shaft

    The following video is now available for purchase at https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/30362/sadici-studios Down the Shaft Getting unlocked after only three weeks in chastity is a sign I have distinctive plans. My rubber gimp's cock springs out of the confines of his cock cage. With his ass...
  2. C

    > > Crazy Cock Torture < <

    Mistress is in rage today: she literally rips the out of slave’s balls – she stretches and squeezes and punches them. Then she takes a hyge stick and inserts it into slave’s urethra, making him suffer. Free video preview here
  3. M

    "double drilling"

    This is the conclusion to "Extreme torture with Power tools" My slave was late for his Milking session and tardiness I do not tolerate. My time is very valuable to me and I refuse to waste it on idiots like you. As punishment I shove a power drill down his urethra, drilling up and down, fast...
  4. M

    Nurse Sandy's urethra exam W/Sounds

    I have my slaves balls in a castration device called an elasterator. Biting his ballsac and pulling them both through the thick tiny rubber band, is extremely painful. Not for me though- makes me feel good. Have not released the clasp yet, I want to tease and torture my slave before I take away...
  5. Y

    Stiletto Sounding!!!

    Since I bought My Steel Heel Red Boots, I have had this fantasy about inserting the heel into a slave's urethra. I put an ad on Craigslist about a shoot like this, but no one responded. So, I went to a city park and found a pervert - a man that was looking at young girls while scratching his...